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HTC's plum coloured Rhyme has made it across the Atlantic and is now on sale in the UK exclusively on O2. 

Available both on and off contract from the carrier, this purple delight can be yours for free on a 2 year, £27 a month deal or for £349.99 off contract. Also included are the bluetooth docking station, the tangle free earbuds, and of course, the charm. 

If you're not familiar with the Rhyme, head on over and check out our hands-on with the device back at the launch event.

Source: O2


Reader comments

HTC Rhyme makes its arrival on UK shores


My wife would buy this in a heartbeat if that notification thingie were bluetooth instead of wired. Make it a bracelet or ring or clip on and get rid of the cord.

She's not into tangling wires. That's why she got a cellphone in the first place.

I got one yesterday! Took back my Bionic and got the Rhyme. (I'm a phone junkie) anyway, this phone is cool. The speakerphone/dock is great and loud. Charm part is cute, haven't used it yet, but I'm sure it will come in handy someday.

Like I said, I've had almost every Verizon phone and this one a keeper for me. The dock has me locked!!!!

It may not be a "power" phone, but it sure does run like one to me.