HTC Rezound

HTC RezoundHTC Rezound

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smooth3006 says:

this is a droid incredible successor.

JustAnAvgJoe says:

If the nexus wasn't coming out, this would be my next phone. They should have kept the incredible HD name

xolanir says:

It does look a lot like the Dinc!

angel35 says:

Every one thinks this phone looks like every other phone???

angel35 says:

Whos Right??

Who? says:

Um, you?

bseblman says:

One thing I do like about this HTC phone, if I'm seeing the pic correctly anyway, is that it appears the camera doesn't extend beyond the back of the phone. My Dinc photo quality has deteriorated because of putting the phone down on that side the vast majority of the time, and not to mention, in my pocket of course. And no, I don't and won't get a cover for the phone to make it more square to the back. This will be my replacement of the Dinc in late December, unless something else great comes out by then, which is possible of course. lol The Nexus is the only other potential choice for me...since it will have NFC.

FrankXS says:

It looks like my ThunderBolt! LOL. Very nice phone. Sense, removable battery, removable SD Card, high horsepower, great resulution. What else? I like this better the the other upcoming phones without those things. Should be a great phone for HTC. If my ThunderBolt wasn't doing so well for me I'd be on it in a heartbeat. Speaking of Beat... hehe... good.

migespy says:

Great looking phone; however, I am not a fan of of the Sense UI. I am still holding out for the Galaxy Nexus and all of its sexiness.

cinnabubbles says:

I'm trying to break free of Big Red come September and HTC throws a likeness to my DInc out? AAAAGH. It is a pretty phone though. I'm a sucker for black/red color schemes.