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If you have been feeling a bit left out with your HTC Rezound and have been anxiously awaiting your invitation to the Ice Cream Sandwich party the time has come. Over at Rootzwiki they seem to have landed their hands on an ICS build for you to download and play around wtih. This is ICS 4.0.1 with Sense 3.5 overtop of it, and not all of it is really usable -- there are watermarks on various screens, screen shots, calls and more cause rebooting of the device, but hey it's new and shiny. So if you got some time to kill, and are comfortable with being able to roll your device back, head over and check it out!

P.S Apparently there is another newer and better build that should be coming "soon" so be sure to keep your eye out for that one as well. In the mean time be sure to let us know what you think in the forums!

Source: Rootzwiki; via: Android Central Forums


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Murph5150 says:

Hmmm I think I'll wait for the OTA update. Should be soon anyway.

Don't hold your breath.

This is the best news I've seen in a while! I'm not rooted yet but who knows???

joshua.worth says:

Good deal so the folks at HTC aren't on vacation. Let the leaks flow!

hopefully something in this can be used to get working ril in the Thunderbolt roms working.

tgrant1975 says:

Thanks but no thanks. I think I'll wait for the official OTA update.

Great to see this but there is still a long wait try june for offical business...

tkong says:

So far so good, looks like HTC is on track to release ics.

BigDNY#AC says:

So please help! Does having ICS on Rezound put it on the same level as the Nexus? Considering VZW is offering the Rezound for 50.00 less?

I want to upgrade from my Blackberry but can't decide between the two! ICS was the only factor that made the phones different for me (Yes I know camera stuff, but I dont use my phone for that!)..

jordanetodd says:

Where is the rezound 50 dollars?

BigDNY#AC says:

Sorry VZW lowered the price to 199.99 (50.00 discount).

I would go with the HTC phone, I never buy Samsung phones their cheaply made and if you don't believe me go to a Verizon store and ask to hold the Rezound in one hand and the Galaxy Nexus in the other and you will see the difference in what I'm talking about. Waiting for Google to come to there senses and quick picking Samsung to do their Nexus's phones. Samsung = Plastic, thin and light because of made of all plastic, and weighs like a fisher price toy but with a good screen..