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Last year HTC released a huge amount of Android devices -- something like 387,000, if our math is right. (We kid.) Looks like that'll change in 2012. HTC UK chief Phil Roberson has told Mobile Magazine that this year the Taiwanese manufacturer plans to focus on a smaller number of device models instead of sheer quantity.

"We (HTC) have to get back to focusing on what made us great - amazing hardware and a great customer experience. We ended 2011 with far more products than we started out with. We tried to do too much. So 2012 is about giving our customers something special. We need to make sure we do not go so far down the line that we segment our products by launching lots of different SKUs."

In addition to slowing down on their device launches, HTC has said that it will not focus on tablets so that they can continue their focus on device quality. HTC has not played a large role in the tablet market so far with only a few released such as the HTC Flyer and the HTC EVO View 4G and the wildly overpriced (though that was AT&T's fault) Jetstream.

The quality over quantity is an approach that we can definitely appreciate, and Motorola's said it's going down this path as well. While we are still unsure as to how many devices HTC plans to announce and release this year -- we'll see more in a few week at Mobile World Congress -- but we like the idea of knowing that the device will not find itself obsolete in just a month or two when an upgraded model is released.

Source: MobileToday; via: The Unwired


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HTC: Fewer device models in 2012, looking for 'something special'


All android manufacturers should go down this path! I'm tired of devices only being supported for the month that they are released until a new device is released the following month.

Someone almost gets it!... your going to sell more phones if you make 1 or 2 near perfect devices.. stop confusing the consumers by pumping out phones, make a amazing device and sell across all carriers.

Very good move. IMO.

Also, I completely agree with the Jetstream comment. When I was working for AT&T, I had a chance to play around with the Jetstream. I loved it! Absolutely fantastic tablet. Probably still would be the one I'd purchase today if it wasn't so freaking expensive. There's no reason why AT&T needed to jack the price of it up and even less reason they haven't lowered it yet. So sad to see such a great product get hijacked by overpricing...

Keep it up HTC!

This is what I love about this industry: the OEMs really do listen to their fanbase, unlike the gaming industry where the developers don't give a rats ass about what the consumers want. It seems as though they outta be interested, considering the price of these handsets. Glad HTC and Moto are listening; keep it up guys, maybe I'll buy a non-Nexus is 2012 is what I hope it will be.

Game developers - lol

More than just the OEM's starting to listen to end users, they are starting to listen a whole lot LESS to carriers it would seem.

I'm pretty sure it was the carriers that goaded HTC into a new phone every week just so they could have something unique on their network.

With Apple and Samsung forcing the same basic phone onto all carriers (albeit with different names and minor radio swap-outs) , HTC realizes they don't have to play the carrier game any more.

Well technically they're listening to the customers' wallets, but since that is our strongest voice, I guess I can see your logic ;)

Still loving my original EVO 4G... was initially tempted by the EVO 3D but it wasn't enough of an improvement to make me pay full price for an upgrade. In comparison to the original EVO 4G, it also felt a little odd, less "substantial" in the hand or something. Weird?

Anyway, I have some friends that picked up Tbolt's based on my love for the EVO 4G and they haven't been as happy with their devices. Mainly build quality stuff: finish started flaking off on one of them, volume buttons less-than-reliable on another, etc. but that's part of the user experience as much as laggy menu scrolling and weird pauses that show up out of the blue.

I wasn't quite sure which phone I was going to pick this summer when my contract was up but, hearing that HTC is planning to focus more on quality, I'm definitely willing to give them another shot if they can return to the OG EVO level of build quality.

Meanwhile, thanks to the hardworking and dedicated CyanogenMod team, I've been running 7.1 since shortly after it was released, and it almost feels like a new phone. So I can wait a bit... :)

As some of the previous comments have stated, this is well-needed. Glad somebody up there is listening

Now if only Samsung and AT&T listened

I'm glad HTC and MOTO are taking this path. IMO Moto and HTC are the best manufacturers of android phones, Moto being my fav. This news makes me feel much better about my next phone. I was already at the point of not caring because the quality of phones was dropping with the releasing of so many models. Thank you Moto and HTC.

They should do what Samsung does, make a flagship device, but have different variations for each carrier. And then have a few different phones for the odd ones.

Excellent! Go HTC!

Its not that hard...

4 - 4.5" IPS HD Display
Notification light
Rockin' processor
Rockin' camera
Strip down sense, or even do away with it!
Stock ICS, but just leave the widgets! Sense-Lite!
No la-a-a-aaaaag!
Better batteries!!!!!


Good news, I always felt the phone OEM'S should be like the auto industry and keep the same models and just update yearly. You were looking silly with all these similar looking weird named devices. As my OEM of choice, I'll be looking fwd to the new EVO.

So what HTC is saying is that the phones they made last year (or released last year) are not up to their standards. Glad they told me before I purchased one.

As long as at least one of those new devices is a follow up to the Evo Shift, I'll be satisfied.

I just hope HTC has another phone with a kickstand whether this year or 2013. I'm in no hurry though as my Thunderbolt is still good as gold!

The whole reason I went with the Inspire 4G was because of the quality reputation HTC had. Since then I had to swap the Inspire out twice to get a good one, the screen would get loose after a couple of weeks. Then I started hearing the issues with some models on the forum. The last unit is fine and I've been generally happy with it, in spite of a couple of lockups. However, I was ready to change to Samsung or Moto next time I upgrade. If HTC really does what they are saying, I'll give them equal consideration on my next purchase.

I'm a bit disappointed to see that they won't be producing anymore tablets. I just got an EVO View and am loving both the form factor and the N-Trig pen support. Now it appears that if I want a 7" tablet with dual core and a higher resolution screen, I'll have to give up the pen and settle for a Samsung or ASUS device. That's unfortunate.

Dear HTC:
Just make a couple of new devices that are available for the major carriers. But before doing that three words: better battery life.

I hope they follow the maxx and release phones with 2500+mah stock battery.

Also I agree this is a positive move and I will give more consideration to the next EVO although it will be hard to pull me away from the Galaxy Nexus.