HTC has perhaps been the single largest OEM supporter of Android since Google launched the OS. Remember, the G1, Hero, Nexus 1, Droid Incredible, Desire, and Evo 4G (and many, many more phones) were all made by the Taiwanese company and were largely considered the best Android phones on the market when each launched. The company just released their numbers for Q4 and to say they are impressive is an understatement. The company raked in north of $3.3 billion in sales, units shipped doubled year-over-year to 9 million, and total units shipped doubled from last year to 24.5 million. The places the company in close competition with Samsung as the fourth-largest global smartphone manufacturer behind Nokia, RIM, and Apple. 

HTC has attributed most of this growth to the exploding demand for Android smartphones, and expects this trend to continue. HTC plans to cover their bases by strongly supporting Windows Phone 7 as well. The HD 7, in particular, looks like a great device for WP7 users as it is more or less an Evo sans Android. [Reuters via WPCentral]

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simhar04 says:

Why are RIM phones considered 'smart phones'?

bjordan says:

They check email, browse the net, install apps why wouldn't they be?

jnabbott#AC says:

HTC better look out apple will be filing suit against them next for patent infringement lol.

That already happend couple months ago

Adjei says:

Yeah Motorola too!

nokia need to get some of this warm piss

Flip says:

They deserve the credit cause after this EVO I just can't see my self getting anything else but wait for next yr EVO2

Evo Longoria says:

@Flip: I hate "me too" replies, but... Me too!!

sleepy#AC says:

I want the Incredible HD with LTE.

add119 says:

Well said apple sue company like if their working for him bossing them like bullies.

RETG says:

I want a HTC with a 'good' STRONG radio.

nullr says:

Don't know what the Nokia comment meant but last I checked they still hold the biggest smartphone marketshare with symbian OS. Im just thankful they brought the first successful line of Linux phones. Nokia does very well outside the US.

DontJudgeMe says:

Great to see HTC is performing well!