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Now that QHD displays are the norm for flagship smartphones, it only makes sense that more manufacturers start launching devices that offer 2K displays. According to 9to5Google, HTC is doing just that, and is set to offer a "Plus" variant of the One M8 that features a QHD screen. The Taiwanese manufacturer is also said to be working on an "Advance" model, which is a plastic-clad version of the One M8.

This isn't the first time we're hearing of a higher-end variant of the One M8, as several leaks from earlier this month mentioned a device with a 5.5-inch QHD screen, Snapdragon 805 CPU, LTE Cat 6 connectivity (that's a download speed of 300 Mbit/sec) and a chassis that is water-resistant.

9to5Google's report corroborates most of these claims, but mentions that the device will ditch the UltraPixel sensor in lieu of a more traditional 13 MP sensor that is featured in the One Mini 2. However, an earlier leak revealed that the higher-end version of the device will retain the Duo Camera setup, along with a raised camera sensor. At this stage, your guess is as good as ours as to what HTC will offer in the imaging department.

In addition to the "Plus" version, HTC is also reportedly working on an "Advance" model that will be targeted at Asian markets. The device will feature the same innards as the One M8, but will feature a plastic build. Both models are rumoured to be officially unveiled sometime in the month of August or September.

While a plastic-clad One M8 certainly makes sense, there have already been rumors of such a device, which will allegedly be called the One M8 Ace. Several leaks of the device indicated that it will feature a 5-inch screen, be available in red and blue, and may launch next week in China.

What are your thoughts on the "Plus" and "Advance" versions of the One M8? Would you be interested in either device?

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HTC reportedly working on One M8 'Plus' with QHD display, plastic-clad 'Advance' also rumored


Just goes to show how little the M8 was an upgrade over the M7 (imho). It's kind of sad to see people who spent approx. $600-700 (not sure what it was) already have their phone un-flagshipped. This does not apply to HTC only but to Samsung as well (with their supposed S5 Prime). Seems like flagships do not remain so for even 6 months in today's world.
Posted from my de-TouchWized Samsung Galaxy S3 running SlimKat 4.4.2

How is that statement any of the above when HTCs financial troubles are well documented?? I purchased an m8 but the majority haven't quite converted over it would seem.

So true. I'm loving my Nexus 5. Can't wait for the next update plus I'm looking forward to seeing what the one plus will bring to the table. It's great to see that a $400 phone can compete with a $700 phone.

Posted via Nexus 5 Android Central App

First off, we are unsure of exactly what these "prime", "plus" or "advance" models exactly are. Until that time we should hold off judgement on HTC or Samsung (or whoever else comes with one **LG** Cough, cough).

A VAST majority of people buy their phone and could care less about the next one. They want the instant gratification of walking into a store and walking out with a shiny new toy. Another segment holds onto their phones until they die of either old age or break and once again do not care what they get as long as it does what they want.

Then there is the rest of us, and if we want it bad enough, I am sure that if we want it bad enough, we can find a way. There are several early upgrade programs in place from various carriers.

Finally, you should be buy a phone for what it can do today. There is always going to be newer stuff right around the corner. If you try to just keep up the latest and greatest, all you are going to be doing is constantly setting up new phones and going broke because of it.

one alternative is selling your M8 or S5 to help defray the costs of the "prime/advance" model. I sold a S3 when I switched from Verizon to Sprint for something close to the sticker price (within $200). I know it is not a perfect solution but it is better than none and if you really want the newer model bad enough, you will find a way to make the difference up...

I'm still using my M7 and it's as fantastic today as it was the day I bought it. Just because something new comes out doesn't mean my phone gets worse by default.

iam not amused to the whole QHD trend and the six month release cycles. Imagine the batterylife of the G3 with "only" HD :)

yeah, i'm not convinced it's needed. maybe on a 5.5" phone but I'm just fine with 1080p on the M8. An improved camera would be great but I'm decently happy with the current setup.

I thought HTC was moving away from releasing a bunch of flagship phones a year??? I'm actually really happy with my M8 (don't like how Verizon messed with it, but oh well...).

If they don't bring a new design then I'm not in interested- I'll stick with my original M8. If they bring out a model with a better camera (unlikely) then I might bite...

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When did HTC say they were getting away from making more than a couple of nice phones? They have to exploit the midrange market to compete with Samsung and Apple just to stay relevant. I'm not bothered by the 6 month cycle. I have T-Mobile and a pristine looking M8 which I love! I can upgrade at will without paying a lot of extra cash. But, my M8 just ROCkS! I love the camera, Sense, and that body is too sexy..HA! I would not just automatically purchase the plus or a variant upgrade at this point because I see no real advantage in that. The only way they get me to spring for the next version is with an ultra pixel duo camera set up that offers real optical zoom. It's coming, and I know HTC will get it first. They're on the right track with duo! The naysayers just don't get it! And, for those of us using our M8 cameras every day, we just don't know why the camera is getting bashed. The majority of us are taking awesome pics!

Ha! They have midrange features with high end prices and the herd does what herds do..follow blindly! Until HTC can establish a herd mentality among its consumers, they must innovate, exploit, under cut, and compete!

I agree. The camera on the M8 ranges great photos, considering my previous phones were the Moto G and the iPhone 3GS.

HTC might have an easier time staying out of the red if they would just concentrate their efforts on one or two devices. Make a killer device with a larger screen then take those innards and stuff them in a smaller chassis. Rinse and repeat. Once a year.

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Disagree, they need to provide choices to reach more markets. You're suggesting they use an Apple road map without Apple's brand loyalty and recognition. It will not work. They need to bring consumers in at all levels of their product cycle. Then, they can expose them to their Sense, fast updates, awesome build quality, and all that is HTC. If they keep making great devices, then the loyalty will build and they'll eventually get out of the red. As an example, my son wants an HTC phone, but I'm not buying him an M8 or even an M7 for that matter. They drop them, break them, lose them and just generally are not responsible yet, so they don't need expensive flagship phones to waste my money on. However, if HTC can provide enough options for him to choose from that don't cost me a small fortune, then we are GOOD!

They would be totally gone within two/three years. You have to hit every segment of the market or you will lose out terribly. Not every country has the obsession that we do for "Hero" phones. In a lot of places the mid rage phone is a big seller...

This I wa reading an article somewhere that the moto G sold like 2 million and the phone hasn't been out that long just goes to show you have to have multiple devices at different price points the problem becomes keeping them updated the OEMS need to find the balance ,works for Samsung they released over 80+ different phones/variants last year .
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Your right and why should they (outside of security fixes)? They are low end phones for (generally) emerging markets. Even here in the US the Moto "G" is a disposable phone. They are getting one update, that is true, but after that? Nope not gonna happen. Who cares though, it is what $70? If you can afford it then you get the next generation and donate (please donate) your old one to someone in need. If not, then you have bigger worries than the latest Android update.

The flagships going back 2+ years on Samsung get the updates, as they should. More OEMs need to follow that lead.

Plus, Prime, Advanced... this is getting ridiculous, just make one good high end phone, cover all bases and call it a day. Instead of playing catch up with these silly "higher end" devices that lack substantive improvements.

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Yeah HTC tried that last year. It didn't work. They don't have the brand loyalty that an Apple has so they can't do that. HTC was top down when they had many variants and choices in the market.

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I doubt that is costing them any substantial amount of sales.... Only the techies care. I love my m8...bezel and all.

Agreed. I mean the iPhone has bigger bezels than any HTC current phone yet it's the number 1 selling smartphone.

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No one cares about bezels. Helps when holding the phone. Also can save the phone during a drop.

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Still loving my M7....the M8 wasn't that big of a deal to make the jump, expecially since the sense 6 update.
That being said.... The plus or prime model, sounds intriguing!

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I like my M8... I like the screen just fine as is. It's not a huge upgrade over my old M7, but the M7 was a HUGE upgrade over my S3 which came out a few months earlier... That said, it's still better than the S5.

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Now this is a real update to the M7. Proud that they are ditching that crap 4mp UltraPixel nonsense. If it was 8mp, would have been worth the hype. I will definitely be upgrading my M7 for this. Oh well Galaxy S5 Prime.

Totally agree with you! As a photographer, I'm also glad they're raising the megapixel count to a more acceptable level for smartphone photography. This phone has definitely become one of many great future options for my next phone when I upgrade in April 2015. :)

Put this on Twitter days ago. Also just posted an image of the advance on the printed box.
In other news the onewear is coming......