quietly complying with the GPL

HTC has released the kernel sources for a list of devices (one that's too long to fit in a blog post title even):

If you're rocking and rolling one of these phones, devs now have some source to build new kick-ass goodies.  Be on the lookout for them, and show them some love when it happens -- this sort of thing can be pretty rough on the nerves to do!  If you're one of those developers and itching to get at it, hit the link to HTC-Dev and grab what you need.

Source: HTC Developer; via @HTCDev

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spongebobfn says:

Show thunderbolt some love plz

Imoseyon's lean kernel is much better than anything they could offer.

BSG75 says:

This is great! It is still 2010, right?

galfert says:

Is this enough? Doesn't the bootloader need to be unlocked for custom ROMs to work? From what I've heard HTC has not released bootloader for the HTC Vivid.

stormthief99 says:

What is this Kernel Supose to be in it goin to be ice cream or is it the new htc sense 3.5