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Late last night HTC released a torrent of code -- kernel sources for the Aria, the Evo 4G update, the Incredible update, and the Wildfire; plus the FRF91 system image for the Nexus One (Happy dance).  Even though they are obliged to release the kernel source code by the GPL, I don't think anyone expected them this early.  Developers should start cranking things into gear shortly, and have something tasty cooked up for us soon.  [HTC Developer Center]


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HTC releases kernel sources for Aria, Evo, Incredible, Wildfire


Hopefully this means that the netarchy/toast custom kernel gets rid of the small bugs it has and becomes fully functional for froyo.

Affraid to root? Alot of us are already running Froyo :p

Now with the release of this, coustom ROMs will, again, be better than official releases. Woot!

This stage in the Android game I can't see a reason why I wouldn't root my devices the dev community releases to many things the make the life of these phones much longer. Plus one gets to tinker and really see how these wonderful phones work inside and out. To me it's fascinating and a lot of fun.

I would have to agree man. I havnt had this much fun in long time. The Android community is very interesting, and this phone flies with alittle bit of know how and some TLC.

Plus you get to lern a little bit of Linux in the mean time :p