HTC Source Code

We've got a trifecta this morning in the source code stakes, with HTC releasing code for the Desire Z, T-Mobile G2 and a maintenance release for the Droid Incredible. As always, certain proprietary code may not be released, and unless you rip apart and compile ROMs, this doesn't really mean much to you. But for everybody else, get to downloading! [HTC Developer Center]

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draken says:

Is this for an upcoming update for the Incredible? If it is, maybe it will contain Sense 2.2.

ak110707 says:

hope so draken, or 2.2.1 would be neat. Not to mention the 3g fix... I'm rooted so i don't think it matters.

jelly roll says:

Please 3g fix

theglock says:

working on it

rugbyua9 says:

mmmm bacon.

rsk2mc says:

i downloaded it, how do i add it onto my phone

dustinfrank says:

Can someone please report back after trying it... what does the "maintenance release" for the DInc include/do?

Cursid666 says:

This is just the source's not an actual update that can be applied to your phone.