HTC Raider

This could be worth a trip to Asia. HTC introduced the Raider 4G this morning, a behemoth device available on South Korea's LTE network. It's Gingerbread-flavored with a 4.5-inch qHD IPS display, a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, a full 1 GB RAM, and both front and rear cameras, each capable of shooting up to 1080p video. If the Raider 4G looks familiar to you, it's because the device looks strikingly similar to the rumored HTC Holiday we caught a glimpse of earlier this month. The Holiday is said to be heading to AT&T's LTE network, though it isn't clear if all of the specs will match those of its apparent sibling. HTC's official announcment (translated from Korean) is available at the source link. 

Source: HTC (translated)


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HTC Raider 4G heading to South Korea, could be the sibling of the Holiday


I find it hard to believe that the front facing camera can shoot 1080p video. Look how long it took for them to get the larger, rear facing camera to shoot 1080p.

I just want it released over here on AT&T. The press conference was a joke yesterday. All that hoopla to introduce one mid-range device that will be a mediocre success at most.

I agree I was thinking the big press conference was going to show off some new high end devices including the HTC Holiday. I was very disappointed to find out the HTC Rhyme was the only devide introduced.

The picture of this looks a heck of a lot better than the blurry leaked pics. Cannot wait for the Holiday!! Just wish they'd change the name... Maybe the HTC "Better than Bionic or Galaxy SII" yeah that'd work.

Oh dry up! It's .2 inches larger than my HTC Evo 4g.
That isn't noticeable.. unless you have dainty lil woman hands(my wife and daughter both have Evo 4g as well- they aren't having any problems with Evos- daughter is 12 and neither is an Amazon...)
All these people with the little tiny screens make me laugh... Screen envy anyone?
Bet he's got a crApple iPhone or some other piece of crap....

Funny how emotional you just got (over a cell phone no less) and have the nerve to tell me to dry up. Considering your choice in language ("crApple". Dude, really?) I have a hard time believing you possess the maturity level required to attract any woman, let alone one that would actually consider marrying you.

Speaking to my original point -- in my personal opinion 4.5" is entirely too big for a phone. In fact, 4.3" is too big. It's not about being simply able to use it because theoretically I could "use" a 20" "phone" if I so desired (and if one existed). It's more about being able to COMFORTABLY operate it. My hands are big enough to palm a basketball and I still found one-handed typing on an Evo to be a chore.

Add that to the considerable additional battery drain you trade for the extra .3 inches and that makes it not worth it to me. But hey, apparently you are the expert on all things screen-related, so maybe I do just envy your Evo 4G, despite it's terribly outdated technology which is spec-wise inferior to virtually every smartphone that's dropped within the past year.

You and your household full of Evos, clearly have me beat.

You are the one whining about a 4.5 inch screen- but I'm emotional- gotcha..lil hands guy.
And tell me more about how hard it is to operate the phones me and my family have been using since launch day.. how hard it is to...what were u babbling?
Dude- lil kids dont have trouble with 4.3 inch screens in my house- maybe you and your people are midjits (misspelled- just bcuz!!!)?
Anyway midgets might have trouble- normal sized people like a bigger screen for movies and vids on the go...
Everyone isn't a tiny person like you pal.
If it fits in a pocket.. Evo does and this Raider certainly will- whats your beef? If its too big for you move along?
Back to your lil crApple phone...
And as for battery drain- thats what cyanogen and rootings all about champ. My evo was the biggest battery hog on Earth til- I rooted it and can put any mod or kernel I want on it... now its 2-3 days on a charge.. and -that was creepy- just talking about battery- and the mailman just stuffed my two mAh3500 extended batteries thru the door..(7bucks with accessory door- on Amazon each)....
HTC- them guys adding battery doors so u can swap out the battery- they soooooooo craaaazy to give us users that convenience.

The Raider name works for me. What I like is that it Does have the 16GB internal storage, 1GB RAM. The battery is a little small, but maybe just big enough, and, if that back comes off nicely, it makes it a candidate for a Seidio mongo battery and back a la the TBolt. I'd love to see a kickstand, but I'll survive without it, likewise the absence of the Beats Audio, though I'd REALLY like that. This info matches up with some second hand info I got from my local Radio Shack guy, who, in turn, got it from his HTC rep. That tells me that this is, indeed, the Holiday in its release form. Main thing is, Bring This Phone On Line On AT&T Now!

HA HA HA! I'll get it way long before you folks! I'll let you know how it is ;) Should be hitting the Moscow shelves in about a week I think! And no carrier contract! Woooo Hoooooo

I think the design looks great. I may have to pick this phone up when I get my upgrade. And I think that 4.5 is a little big but I an sure I will get used to it!

Yeah the size aint a problem when u are a tall guy with big hands like me haha i went from a mytouch slide that was 3'4 to a htc sensation 4g which is 4'3 and after a month of having it now it looks kinda small to me :) lol

LOL I love how .2 of an inch actually means the world to some people!!! Phone looks great and the new Tmobile phone that was just released yesterday shares the same hardware (but the name skips me and I just read about the darn thing), so you can check it out and see the speeds and new screen design, which is the exciting part!!!!