Normally I avoid infographics like the plague. They're basically free advertising, and baby needs a new pair of shoes. But HTC just published one on a "Brief history of photography." And tucked down at the bottom is the following line:

HTC kicks off a new sound and camera experience in 2013

That's very much in the same ballpark as the supposed "ultrapixel" sensor Pocket-Lint reported will be used in HTC's next round of phones.

Only a couple weeks until HTC's Feb. 19 events in New York and London, folks. We're getting close.

Source: HTC


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HTC promises 'new sound and camera experience in 2013'


dunno what you're talking about. The camera is amazing on my one x. The beats thing is arguably useless but I certainly don't mind it.

Beats or not, the audio chip (DAC) on the international One X is garbage. The camera is nothing special when you compare it to the S3 or iPhone 5, esp in daylight. If you haven't had experience with all three, you indeed wouldn't know what I'm talking about.

One X and the EVO 4G Lte have the best Android Camera in the Android market place. I would say the colors are cooler than need be and it doesn't have the post processing magic of the iPhone5 but still. Its incredibly close to apple and better in the outdoors I would say. Not only that but the app is great and the performance is great. I have a hard time imagining that you aren't pleased with this. Yeah Sense is debatable but the camera is dope. I'm hoping HTC REALLY ups their game in the indoor and low light situation with some special magic.

Unless that thing comes with $199 taped to the side of it (on contract of course) I'm staying far away from HTC. Evo 4G LTE is a bucket of bugs and the OG Evo I had before it was actually worse.

Never had a single bug or issue in 9 months with my amazing top of the line HTC EVO 4G LTE stock and timely OTA upgraded smartphone. Seems like a cloud of misfortune hangs over you.

Great reception, well managed long battery life, functional NFC, huge storage capacity, solid aluminum unibody design, kickstand, external two stage camera button and incomparably the best image sensor camera is not for media hyped Sheeple who don't comprehend experienced professional reviewers.

People who evaluate and are capable of self discernment are more than pleased this flagship smartphone. I'm happily looking forward to the Sprint EVO version of the HTC M7 and the usual chorus of jealous mindless haters.

Well I'm glad you like your phone. I don't like mine and this is my last HTC. I'm going to try Samsung or LG next. I don't like the build quality as much, but I'm hoping one of those two companies can make a phone that doesn't just get hot in my pocket and drain the battery. But at least I can get to my contacts now, that's nice.

HTC One X owner.. eagerly waiting for Nexus 4 freedom coming in wednesday.

Whatever they will pull is gonna be much better on the GS4 2-3 months later, and will be on the Nexus 5 next year anyway.

Soon you should be fretting over your imagined new found step backwards. Perhaps a good case of justification denial will ease your confused wewewi mind.