We expect to see the HTC One X tomorrow in Barcelona, but if these leaked images from Greek site FullGSM are the real deal, we can discuss the specs today. And there's a lot to discuss! The leaked product sheet lists all sorts of goodies that HTC fans have been waiting for. The One X is expected to ship with HTC's version of Android 4.0, and the Tegra 3 4-PLUS-1 SoC is confirmed here as well. All the basics are covered, things like Bluetooth 3.0 and a full array of motion sensors, and we see that NFC is on-board and that the One X is said to be Google Wallet compatible. Maybe the most interesting thing is the new camera hardware. The 8MP shooter comes with a "smart" LED flash, a backside illuminated f2.0 aperture, a 28mm wide angle lens, a dedicated HTC Image chip and a dual shutter module to allow taking pictures while filming 1080p video. This one should take beautiful pictures in any lighting conditions. Here's the bullet-point highlights:

  • 4.7-inch Super LCD2 at 720p resolution
  • Gorilla Glass
  • 1.5GHz 4-PLUS-1 Tegra 3 CPU
  • 32GB storage
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1800mAh battery
  • Wireless HDMI via HTC Media Link unit
  • DLNA
  • Pogo pins
  • 8MP rear camera, 1.3MP front facing camera
  • Beats audio

You can check out the full list of specs on the product sheet, and a handful of pictures after the break. Be sure to tune in tomorrow when see everything HTC has to say at Mobile World Congress.

Source: FullGSM




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HTC One X specs leak - 1.5GHz Tegra 3 and dual-shutter cam with dedicated image chip


Built in battery?
Do they mean can not be replaceable with spare battery?
That will not be good

So explain to me why iPhone users are demanding a change in UI?? Would you rather want Samsung, Moto and HTC both release AOSP phones with just new hardware?? pretty much youll be buying the same thing with just a new chip inside of it.. For ex: The Galaxy Nexus won't be no different from the Galaxy S 3. Just new hardware and a look.. now imagine 300 of more phones like that releasing every 3 months

Just like every other iPhone.. you buy it just for minor hardware changes and one or two new features that later on all other phones will get.. This is why companies want to have their own UI to make themselves different from the next 200 phones that Android release in a year.

Do you buy a phone to look at it?

The design is elegant and functional, and the build quality can't be beat, especially by the plastic Samsungs.

What shape and color do you want? Pink phone with a round shape? Knobs and lanyard hoops?

Lets face it, every time an HTC phone is shown you can start a count down from ten for how long it will take for the trolls to start posting about the same design.

obvious troll is obvious.

Exactly how many ways can you make a thin, rectangular phone? Sorry, but I just don't see that much difference between ANY modern smartphones.

Same old design lame man.. come on I'm sick of them home keys at the bottom ... Step ya game up HTC lame asses... Samsung nexus may be average.. but atleast its hip to 2012 no SD card and no keys at the bottom .. leggooo

Do you speak English? I don't get those who complain about 'design'. Samsung hasn't really changed there style, Motorola has made some subtle changes, and HTC has as well while keeping their design elements. And I prefer capactive buttons myself because I can experience the actual 720p screen and not have a blackbar running along the bottom. GTFO with the hate.

the camera may sell me on this phone. I was thinking of holding out for GS3 but if this camera is really good I may use my upgrade when this drops. Come on Sprint pretty please...

The camera of the Amaze 4G and HTC Titan is better than any Samsung or Motorola phone to date! Take a look at some comparisons before you comment! I like the design and i'm sure it will feel premium (and not like a plastic toy) as all the HTCs!

Yup, even my aging Nexus One cam beats my Wife's Atrix and her old Captivate.

There is nothing wrong with the cams.

Probably long press the "Menu" button there on the bottom right.

ICS doesn't have a search button because there's supposed to be a search bar on the top of the screen, but HTC has removed that so I'm sure they'll do something else.

damn, if this had the krait instead with the integrated lte it might have been the absolute perfect phone on all points (so much so that it would make sense seem not quite as much of an epic fail)

Exactly right. It seems HTC still doesn't get it. Say what you want about Motorola but they put a 3300mAh battery in the RAZR.

1800 isn't going to cut it with a 4.7" screen & the power hungry Sense software they insist on forcing on buyers.

They need to spend more resources on battery technology instead of rap music (Beats audio) & other gimmicks (like 3D displays).

A non-replaceable 1.8Ah battery....
This looks like a great phone, but that is going to probably ruin it. They have to decide- if they are going to use a regular battery, it needs to be swappable. Otherwise, they need to include a much larger battery. Motorola has the right idea....

Maybe they will pull a Motorola and after 2 months releases one with non removable but better battery. Call it the HTC One X MAXX, which naturally will become known as "the triple X."

And we all know the Android phone is for porn

Except the Razr Maxx gets through an entire day with heavy use with ease !! best phone I have ever owned !!!! 3300 MAH battery !!!!!

No removable battery. No microsd slot. Takes in micro SIM only.

Might as well just go for an iPhone.

Here's ONE phone that will be very hard to root lol love the specs though wish it had a bigger battery with all these powerful specs smh

Looks like a very nice phone. However it isn't coming to VZW as the network hardware is HSPA and not LTE. I like the look and usability of Sense (even ICS has not caught up with Sense on the usability front).

The built in battery is a little disappointing, but perhaps with the power saving CPU and not having LTE the battery life will be okay. Really if they make an LTE version the battery would need to be jumped up to 2800.

Why the hell does Verizon suck at getting HTC phones. Last to get an evo type phone with the thunderbolt and now this. I've been eyeing this phone for almost a year... This sucks.

The only problem may be that it has capacitive buttons without a menu button. This could be a problem because many applications have not built in a software "action overflow". The Gnex gets around this becuase it has software buttons and can place the "action overflow" in the button row as needed. Capactive buttons do not provide that flexibly.

AT&T GSM bands?

Odd that only the Nexus has all 5 GSM bands to include T-Mobile, but it was never picked up by T-Mobile in the US :-P

The US verson will only have a Dual core Snapdragon. The Quad plus 1 will only be in the International model.

1800mah battery ? EPIC FAIL , I dont think they make chargers with long enough cords , HTC is such a joke of a company , phone after phone same garbage over and over same horrendous battery life , NO THANKS HTC , I will never buy another phone of yours I dont care what the specs are !!!

HTC will probably do the same as Motorola...come out with another phone like it one a month later with a beefed up battery.

I'm kind surprised that it doesn't have Gorilla Glass 2. Is it not ready yet for the market?

So glad I switched from HTC phones. That phone has a few nice specs, but not enough to be wider than the Galaxy Nexus, and have no replaceable battery. I also prefer on screen buttons. They can be changed, or even removed. Not to mention, the locked boot loader. I know I picked the right phone, when I picked the Nexus : )

Nice phone, but I'm sold on the Nexus line. Where I can be sure to have a solid developer backing. I had a T-Bolt and the developers have started to jump ship. However even the Nexus One still gets love out there. I'm waiting to see what the next nexus will be. I'm sure this December Google will announce the next nexus.

YeahI think the nexus Is the Way TO GO im still on MY EVO 4G It will Be Hard To Leave the EVO Will SEE whats Idea's Are Released this Sunday

I've never understood why people expect their phones to take professional quality masterpiece photographs. If that's what you want, spend $800-$1200 and buy a pro quality digital camera, with interchangeable lenses (at additional costs). Stop complaining because your $200-$400 phone can't get the job done.

Because it's one less device to carry around. You can't always carry a professional camera with you all the time, but one almost always carries their phone with them all the time.

One could make your argument for the rest of the phone as well, eg "Why do people want more CPU/GPU horsepower when you can just carry a netbook/ultraportable?" "Why do people want a built-in GPS when you can just carry a professional Garmin device that does a much better job?" "Why do people care about video recording in the phone, when you can just carry a Sony Handycam that can be purchased for real cheap and shoot 100 times better videos with 18x optical zoom?"... You get my drift?

And unless you've been living under a rock, this has been the trend for quite a while now. Smartphones have been replacing a lot of standalone devices.. especially point-and-click cameras. See the drop in camera sales coincides exactly with the rise in smartphone sales. In fact, there was even an article recently that shows the decline *is* indeed due to smartphones. And btw, you do get lenses for phones now. The iPhone 4/4S has a very large range of lenses and filters available, thanks to the awesome camera it packs. Even the SGSII has a few lenses available, again, to compliment the great camera it has. HTCs have always been known for the mediocre camera quality, so I'm glad that they're taking the camera seriously and improving it. Of course, these phones can't replace a $1000+ DSLR, but it's not meant to. But you don't really need one to take good photos. You only need a good eye and imagination. Of course, the more better the camera, the more opportunities to shoot better pictures.

Seems decent, but it lost me when I saw that the 4.7 was aside from the buttons.. Ugh, that's too big. I could handle 4.7 if that meant the dimensions were like the Nexus.

And then of course 1800. My EVO 3D has 1900 and it could use a little more. 1800 on this beast? The Tegra package must be huge for them to run out of battery room.

I'll just have to make the nexus my next phone.

With all due respect to everyone making comments about the 1800mah battery... Understand that it's a lithium POLYMER battery, NOT lithium ion battery. Lithium polymer batteries are massively better than ion batteries. The #1 reason the iPhone has such better battery life than the Android phones IS because they use polymer batteries instead of ion. Do a little research before you comment. This is the same misinformed type of comments that people make about megapixels in cameras. Two devices may have 5MP's, doesn't mean their the same.

Polymer or not, the non-removable part is the deal breaker! Really hope this doesn't become more common among Android devices. First the RAZR, now this? :(

1800 mah is 1800 mah no matter what the battery chemistry. An 1800 mah lead acid has the same capacity as a 1800 mah lithium polymer battery. Also modern cell phone batterys are lithium POLYMER cells. The lithium ion cells are the old cylindrical cells in a metal case.

Five bucks says this genius has no clue what polymers and ions are... Know what, make it ten.

This is fact plus being penta core this phone will live longer on the same battery. A full day is realistic being penta core and having a polymer battery. It's amazing the rezound just came out now is 100 dollars so I really think this will come to big red fast. And that mot and sammy will have quad phones very soon. And then after the i phone 5 comes out which will no doubt be a big step up from the 4s maybe we will get lucky and get a motorola tegra wayne based unit to compete and it would be a pure monster.

Yea but how long will the battery last i need POWER .what good is a powerful phone that holds a wimpy charge.

Specs are meaningless without a release date. You can put out specs for an octocore phone with 12 gb of ram if you're not going to tell me when it's coming out.

I personally wish HTC well nobody loved HTC more than me. I have had my beloved HTC EVO 4G, then my beloved EVO 3D sprint and HTC was my love. Then i moved and was forced to change carriers cause my EVO 3D couldn't keep a 4g signal and 3g was so useless my phone became USELESS. Verizon solved my problem enter GALAXY NEXUS my first stock device ever and boy what a ride this has been. Nothing beats a stock device the nexus will forever recieve the best developer support ever. Stock ice cream sandwich will forever rule think about this people the galaxy nexus is the only true dualcore device that is running both cores on ics while all the other devices run on one core with gingerbread. Ics is just out and so many aaplications are not still optimized for ics much less quadcore devices. Specs mean nothing the need for a true stock experience is all that matters the best made devices are yet to come from samsung and you can rest assure that these listed specs will be trounced when the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Journal arrive to Verizon later this year. Plus look out for the following 2012 Dec Nexus toting jellybean the best is yet to come from samsung at CTIA in May plus everyone knows that samsungs unpacked event is next very soon.Bigger stock batteries will be the theme from other manufacturers this summer i applaud moto for leading the way now STEP ASIDE FOR THE LEADER SAMSUNG TO SHOW THE WAY COME MAY....BE PATIENT BETTER DEVICES THAN ABOVE WILL BE ON THE WAY. Meanwhile my GALAXY NEXUS PIMP SLAPS THIS ALL NIGHT LONG let's see this devices in the real world being used daily.


Sorry but Samsung's cheap, flimsy plastic crap is garbage now like it always has been. And vanilla ICS is not "all that". Unbelievably it STILL stutters on transitions (by now the UI should be totally smooth)and is still pretty user unfriendly. It's a good start but there is still a lot of work to be done in the usability sector - and Sense is the current usability king of the Android implementations.

Joe: Ignorance must be bliss. My Galaxy Nexus feels every bit as sturdy and premium as my semi metal thunderbolt did.

Sorry but I've also had both. The Samsung not only felt like a piece of flimsy cheap plastic but also cracked like one. The TBolt (which is metal not almost metal - it is metal with a coating) not only feels solid but has survived a lot of bumps and bruises intact.

About the battery, everyone seems stuck on the fact that it's too small.... that's isn't the problem in my opinion. Maybe 18000 will be enough to go through the day.. if so ... most will say it's great. To me.. it's still CRAP! Not having the ability to a) Switch out the battery in emergencies and b) not being able to use my phone because the battery no longer holds a charge after 6 months is a deal breaker!

Non-user replaceable battery phones = Manditory upgrade approx every 6mo - 1 year. Contracts are typically for 2 years.. do the match, users get screwed.

Add to this that there is no way to add external storage (I love my friends Note with a 64gb micro sd xc card!) and this phone is the biggest let down to me.

I love my Original Evo 4G, and was anxiously awaiting to see what's new this year so I could replace it, but I quickly realized that all I'll benefit from is a 'faster' phone with less staying power, less storage and a smaller app availablity (currently ICS has less compatible apps than Gingerbread, though that will change over time).

I really hope someone else has a good phone coming out with ALL of the features users want.

Since HTC hasn't released a phone with ICS and Sense 4.0 with the Tegra 3 chip we dont know how efficient the battery really is. Im sure that they tested it. Hopefully it comes out better than recent phones but people need to settle down. I am a huge HTC fan but each company is a brand for a reason. Just be thankful that we dont have one phone (iphone) to choose from. I like HTC (my vivid), my buddy likes samsung (SGSII) and some people like motorola. That is the beauty of it.

Oh nice a upgraded HTC Desire.. Looks like it went on a diet and upgraded.. Kinda disappointed in HTC choice of designs.. Hardware wise you can't beat.. whatever they use on their phones.. it should can take a beating

I don't like the camera hump. It will sit weird if set flat on a table or whatever. And the battery is pathetic, especially the fact you cannot remove it. In all fairness though HTC had this phone practically finished by the time they finally admitted to themselves they needed to change something. I would expect next years designs to incorporate the changes people actually want. The phones this year were too far along in development which is why they are more of the same.

Am I the only one not digging this size of a phone? I know its like the Galaxy Nexus with on screen soft buttons and such but its just getting too big. I have the Nexus now and I am not a small buy but even that is getting on the too big side. We need a killer 4" screen phone but it seems everyone just keeps going bigger and bigger.