If you thought HTC's phones of the latter half of 2011 were good, wait till you get a load of the first half of the 2012 crop. The flagship model for HTC's new "HTC One" line is the HTC One X. Code named Endeavor, it's sporting a 4.7-inch 720p Super LCD 2 display that looks as good as you can imagine (especially in the horrible lighting we had to endure).

Android Central at Mobile World Congress The back, home and multitasking buttons are capacitive and aren't a part of the screen, so you actually get more real estate than you might expect. That's a double-edged sword because it can make it that much harder to reach from corner to corner. The phone is made of a special polycarbonate -- basically meaning it's plastic, but it's bad-ass plastic. It feels pretty good, though it is a tad slick.

The One X is either running a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, or a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, depending on whether it's got an LTE radio. (AT&T's version will rock Snapdragon.) The 1800 mAh battery on the One X is not removable. 

The real stars of the show, however, are the 8MP rear camera with HTC's new ImageSense technology, and Sense 4.0. The former means you can take better pictures (and take them faster). And the latter means you get more of a stock Android experience, while retaining that feeling that you're using an HTC. The menus are nicely skinned, and widgets go on the home screens more like previous versions of Android and Sense, and not like default Ice Cream Sandwich.

We've got hands-on pics and video after the break.

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dd0yl3 says:

Sense does look a lot nicer, but pure ICS still looks better. I wonder how battery life is on this phone.

dataquest#IM says:

I may get this over the galaxy S3. We'll see. Choices are good.

Jon Garrett says:


yep, Choices.

I was just thinking about this earlier today. how excited I get when there's a new Android device released or announced every month.

Then there's Apple--all their fans have to look forward to is just one device, once a year.

MOTH477 says:

Nice looking device. Just wish it was coming to T-Mobile instead of the One S.

Luger718 says:

Does tegra 3 support tmobiles network?

Sjax says:

uhhh what?? Tegra 3 is the cpu/gpu for the phone. Networks don't support or not on cpu's. They support or don't support the antennae's like the 4g or 3g part of a phone.

jacmeister68 says:

Looks like the dogs bollocks. That camera will be bad ass

Linebarrel86 says:

Nice. But the Nexus is better. Whole package wise. The camera is no doubt better, but I personally don't think the Nexus camera is too bad, just not incredible.

I'm gonna take software over hardware any day. And the weight of Sense will be very apparent come this summer when the new OS is shown.

E_man says:

At least, if you don't like rooting and romming ;)

If you're into CM or other stock builds, I think this phone blows the GNex out of the water. It'll probably get unofficial builds of the next android as the GNex does.

original00 says:

Slightly off topic, whatever happened to the auto rotating capacitive buttons HTC used last year. I though it was a pretty cool concept. I only remember it being used in 1 phone though...incredible S or something

Linebarrel86 says:

They should have definitely gone that route since they wanted to put those capacitive buttons (ugh) on the front. At least they kept them in the same order as stock ICS, that's a HUGE plus!

Htc fan says:

So with him saying lte being an option, does that mean we may see it on Verizon?

AT&T exclusively

Htc fan says:

Lame ass Verizon.

Premium1 says:

I know. Wish verizon would get something like this. I am sure they will get something once every other carrier has had it for months.

markbo2000 says:

I hate to say it, but looks like AT&T is the network to beat lately. Some great handsets landing there. Wowza.

Hold on there buddy let's not get into this At&t stuff being better than Verizon device wise because Verizon has ruled the android landscape the entire 2011 year. As 2012 opens I will take the Galaxy Nexus, Droid Razor Maxx, Droid Razr, and the Htc Rezound any day over the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S2 HD, Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, and Htc Vivid. Look around Verizon is proven At&t is new to this LTE game so don't get it twisted folks.

Htc fan says:

Any other HTC phones coming out on Verizon? I might end up getting a Rezound even though I'd rather not. I'm just tired of waiting for something to maybe come out. I have a fricken Incredible for God's sakes...thats how long I've waited.

Funkpod says:

hey, i'm in the same boat. i don't mind waiting a half a year, though, i feel like everything's gonna hit in the summer and we'll have such great phones to choose from. i'd like a Nexus device, though, but i haven't even rooted my Incredible yet. I do so much w/ Launchers and theming that way, i don't see the need. The number 1 requirements is Fast, Great Camera (rivals iphone), and Great battery life. LIke the Maxx.

wcdove24 says:

Would be an awesome phone to flash Cyanogenmod 9 on!!!

dazweeja says:

Only the stable builds and you'll have to be super careful about wiping caches. Otherwise, what are you going to do if your phone requires a battery pull? Wait until the battery dies? In this case, you'll probably be hoping it has typical HTC battery life. I doubt these new HTC models will be popular developer phones for this reason.

slopokdave says:

Either a volume down + power reset or some devices have a manual restart pin hole.

E_man says:

Every device I've seen with a non-removable battery has a different method of hard resetting. Both my Tab 10.1 when I had it, and the TF101 I switched to just let you hold the power button for ~20 seconds. Faster than most battery pulls.

PittsPgh says:

On My EVO3D you can hold Volume Up & Down and the power button.
Found this tip several months back somewhere. Life saver being I had the Defender case on it. Such a pain to take the case off and pull the battery.
I'm guessing most phones now have some option for doingthat.


mallengi says:

The lack of a removable battery kills this for me. If the battery was either A) significantly larger or B) removable (or ideally both significantly larger and removable) this device would be a beast. A nice effort by HTC, but not the device for me, unfortunately.

Uncle Louie says:

Agreed on battery...I just can't see myself buying a phone without a removable one. I'd need to be able to pull it just in case something goes kablooey while rooting, not to mention secondary/extended batteries. Hopefully this isn't going to become an industry standard.

Too bad, this phone looks really great otherwise.

defector says:

i agree ,when one is out and about and not in the car or indoor with hopefully available access to an outlet.i like to control that aspect of it.that battery had to be much bigger than that!oh well will have to wait for the galaxy 3 or note on sprint.

SteveIowa says:

Maybe this means they will have a MAXX version coming out in a month too? S M H

Taz89 says:

the thing i dont understand is that the razr maxx has a smaller footprint size wise overall and is about the same thinness as the htc one x yet it almost has double the would think with the size of the one x compared to the maxx it would easily have a bigger always mess up on battery

krx100 says:

I am surprised Sprint did not grabbed this beauty? Usually Sprint is the first with HTC latest phones.

E_man says:

Only if they are Evo's it seems. The only HTC Android Phones Sprint has are the Evo 3D, the Evo Design, and the Evo 4G. They missed out on a lot of HTC phones there.


Sprint hopefully brings out a new evo to blow this away both internaly and externally!

crxssi says:

Extremely unlikely, unfortunately.

E_man says:

I hope not. That would be bad for people who bought it as well. Hopefully sprint gets THIS phone. This is the one they will be caring about going forward. Would hate to be a sprint customer that bought the specialty device that HTC puts on the back burner.

frozndevl says:

I know they said they would have consistent branding, but I wouldn't put it past Sprint to brand it the HTC Evo One X, or something along those lines so they can integrate it into the brand they have been establishing with the EVO lines.

MowDownJoe says:

Hardware buttons? But how will we use the menu in legacy apps?

goliath602 says:

What's up with this new trend of not having a removable battery in cell phones? I really like the option of being able to carry around an extra battery in case the one I have dies or to get an extended battery. This phone could at the least have a large battery like a 3,000+MaH to make up for the lack of a removable battery. Other than this rather big issue. This phone is amazing.

sddfdds says:

am i crazy or is there no way to go to the next picture for the gallery? kind of a pain to close and reopen it for each picture

leftheodo says:

This beast has the best looking display i have ever seen! I didn't expect it to be that good! The phone as a whole is georgous too. Good job HTC! Even haters can't hate this phone!

mdoyal1 says:

The design of the phone looks very nice. You can tell its an HTC but it doesn't quite look like the rest of the HTC devices, very nice.

crxssi says:

It looks like the X quad core (Tegra 3) will ONLY be available in non-LTE versions. Blech. What is the point? Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T will all be LTE. Which means all the major carriers will be stuck with a dual core WITHOUT the power-savings CPU. That makes about as much sense as a non-swappable battery in a phone that doesn't have a huge battery.

Add me to the list of people who DO NOT WANT capacitive buttons, they are just something to accidentally hit when trying to use the phone. And white? Gross.

I am pretty disappointed now. :(

leftheodo says:

1. There is a black version!
2. The LTE versions will come with snapdragon S4 that is faster than the tegra 3 and its 28nm architecture makes it more power efficient!
3. Capacitive buttons allow more available screen!

crxssi says:

1. Good
2. I did read that it might be at least as fast, so that is promising.
3. Perhaps, but I still hate constantly hitting the home button by accident. If it did have buttons, I really wish they were real, physical ones.

4. Battery, battery, battery...

jrsmith43 says:

I would prefer a removable battery, but the new Snapdragon S4 processor should be easier on battery performance, in similar fashion to the Tegra3. I had wondered how the chin and top of the case that appeared to overlap the screen edge in pics was going to allow the back panel to come off for a couple of weeks now, considering how the amaze cover worked. I guess I got the answer I anticipated. Check out the info on the chips, or get an LG if you have to have a quad core sooner rather than later.

E_man says:

The LTE version will be stuck with the dual core processor that is arguably faster than the Tegra 3, uses a new 28nm process that cuts down on battery usage (so it will possibly be better than, or close to the Tegra 3), and is an all around good chip.

Also, what would you want instead of capacative buttons? Physical buttons are out, and on screen buttons are literally the same thing as capacitive, except that they have pixels between them and the LED's that light them up.

Simer03 says:

This built in battery thing is too iPhone like....but the average consumer has no idea how to root...personally I'd wait for a galaxy s3 or the next Nexus! Quad core would be nice to have, but as we all know, the first few dual core phones had their issues...might be best to wait for stability

chronophilos says:

There's always some other great phone to wait for just around the corner. A few months ago when the galaxy s 2 arrived in the US, people were saying "wait for the nexus prime", then the nexus came out and people were saying "wait for CES", then they had the razr maxx and people were saying "wait for MWC", now they have seen the HTC phones and they are saying "wait for the next nexus". That's ridiculous,just get a great phone and be happy with it.

prissysox says:

I WANT! I WANT! I WANT! I will sell my Vivid and get this!

serpa4 says:

Non-removable is fine for me, IF it's 3,000 or more. Non-removable 1800, really? No thanks.

Jack33 says:

I think this looks ugly. In fact, all htc phones are very bleh when it comes to design of the phone.

Why can't htc or android phones look sexy, like the iphone? I mean, the android phones are far superior in terms of power, screen size, and customization. But none of them looks sexy, like a piece of art, like the iphone. I will never buy an iphone, but I can't help but notice how nice it looks compared to other android phones.

defector says:

am disappointed on the non removable battery on the htc x,it could've been an even greater phone,question!!!!!what's up with AT&T and this exclusivity mess with all these phone,THE NOTE,now THIS. SPRINT T MOBILE CUSTOMERS,SPECIALLY SPRINT we don't have @##$ for options!!!!!SPRINT'S POCKETS AREN'T DEEP ENOUGH?????? I GUESS.

SteveIowa says:

Does this mean they will have a MAXX version coming out in a month too? S M H

Unibrow says:

stopped reading at "battery is not removable"

E_man says:

The black One X, or the SGS3, going to be an interesting choice.

talhamid says:

Good phone, good specs, nice price. But...

1800 mAh non removable battery??????

Deal killer. Will last 4 hours.

supa_dupa says:

Galaxy Nexus is now officially dead.

This is a waste of an comment the GALAXY NEXUS is the BEST STOCK ANDROID DEVICE ON THE MARKET don't fool yourself. The android community and all the opportunity that exist with this device makes it future proof for year to come. Today as of Feb 27th 2012 The GALAXY NOTE is the BEST SKINNED DEVICE ON THE MARKET and the GALAXY NEXUS is the BEST STOCK DEVICE ON THE MARKET. With the GALAXY S3 right around the corner packing 2GB of ram HTC can't touch anything Samsung has out now or three months from now...


HTC... I want to give you my money, but you keep giving me reasons not to. No MicroSD Slot... Non-removable 1800mAh battery... Plastic body... Why take the most powerful phone ever and then totally ruin it with these things?? All for the sake of making it ~2mm thinner!

Sigh! Oh well. Back to waiting for the next 'big thing' to come out. It's rather depressing that after 2 years I'm still waiting for something truly worthy of replacing my Nexus One.

15israellai says:

That's too big even for me.
And darn, non-removable battery. I hate that. Why make Androids like iPhone?! Ridiculous, really. Even if I never swapped my battery.
No my next phone won't be from HTC, seriously.

cenkaetaya says:

Non - removable battery = no buy

is this a repeat of no 3.5mm = no buy of 2006?

LadyDi says:

And just like the Nexus line, none of these have sd card slots. I know it has a 16GB internal memory but still. I was happy until I read that. T-Mo is getting either the S or the X, according various pieces in HTC's site and stuff on the web. We shall see...