If you're anything like me, dropping your prized phone is something that could really put a serious downer on your day, week and month. Add into the mix that phone being the HTC One X, and that's just one big nightmare. But what would happen if you did happen to drop it? Thanks to the guys at HTCPedia, we need wonder no longer. It's pretty painful viewing to see such a device get trashed on purpose. Right now mine's sat on a feather pillow having seen this. Enjoy!

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HTC One X drop tested, inevitable things happen


I think drop tests are fun, and actually quite a good insight to the strength of a phone, but when it's done by a load of annoying douche bags it kinda detracts from the point of it -_-

My sister-in-law dropped her Evo (also has gorilla glass) and the screen shattered in one corner. She only dropped it from her lap when she got out of her car. Still worked, but I guess gorilla glass is not as tough as they advertise it to be.

Gorilla glass does not equal unbreakable glass! Gorilla glass means that it will not scratch easily and will not break when a certain amount of force acts on it

I dropped my old Motorola Milestone (the droid's cousin,lol) on the road & a damn taxi ran over it (the phone slipped from my hand & the taxi driver being the jerk he is drove over it on purpose, even though I tried to stop him)

The phone kept working like nothing happened, it got scratched (from bouncing from the curb to the asphalt) & the screen didn't even crack (gorilla glass)

Spoiler: survived 2 out of 3.

Doubtful any of the cases I've seen to date would have prevented the ultimate screen shatter when dropped face down.

I still think that a lot of cases would have provided a centimeter or so of space between the screen and the ground (unless it's the crazy small type of case.

A centimeter!!??? On a case??? I think you have your units mixed up. Perhaps a millimeter or two.

It's nice to see that the age old concept of "More money than brains" is still alive and well in the 21st century.

From the linked article, it looks like the site has a store that covers the cost of a device to break

> I would like to thank HTCpedia shop for providing the HTC One X for the drop test.

That means nothing. None of these are scientific tests. You could repeat it and destroy the phone by dropping it 1 foot, or it could survive a 10 foot drop. There are millions of possible conditions in a simple "drop".

I really hate drop test videos like these, the guy drops the phone 3 different ways. He doesn't drop it like it was an accident. Such as he's going to put it in his pocket and misses his pocket. Or he's on the phone and it slips out of his hand. I find most of these misleading.

Drop from hip height = pocket miss.
Drop from shoulder height = slip from hand.

Seems perfectly reasonable to me.

Did you not actually watch the whole video?

You put your phone in your pocket when it's horizontal and level with the ground? Must have big pockets.

Yes, I watched the video, and the guy did not drop the phone in a position anyone is ever likely to drop a phone from. Whether missing a pocket, or it slipping from a hand in use, a phone is likely going to fall in a vertical orientation, impacting a corner.

Dropping it completely flat is pointless, as are all these drop test videos in general. As was mentioned, anything sold these days already undergoes various forms of stress testing. And even if they didn't, what's the point? If you drop an electronic device with a glass screen... there's a pretty good chance it's going to break.

Videos like these serve little purpose than putting on a show of wealth - look at me, I'm so well off I can destroy a brand new, expensive product on purpose, for no reason whatsoever. Pathetic.

I understand myself how these can seem completely pointless although it is nice to see the other two drops where the phone survived. I know myself 99% of drops have been to the back of the phone or edges. I do have to say that once while at the gym I dropped my phone our of a locker and it landed sadly face down and shattered. It was an Inspire with Gorilla Glass but like what was said before it is simply meant to prevent scratches that are generally easier to occur with other types of glass.

HTC makes solid phones, I dropped my EVO 3D from an 8 story hotel room and it landed on the top left corner. The corner got smashed up pretty good but everything worked except for the 3.5mm jack. The screen wasn't even cracked or scratched...now that's a solid phone!!!

Doesn't look like it has Gorilla Glass (2) if it can smash the screen from a facedown waist height drop..

It's Gorilla Glass 2. Remember that while GG2 is tougher than the original at the same thickness, it allows manufacturers to use a thinner cut of the GG2 glass so phones would be thinner while maintaining the same toughness of the original.

In Phil's review of the One X, he comments on how little space there was between the surface of the screen an the image, almost like you are touching the interface. That is consistent with GG2 because it allows for thinner glass.

On the flip side, the screen would be tougher if HTC had stuck with making its GG2 screen the same thickness as the original. But then, the phone would be thicker and we all know how much people HATE thickness in their phones.

Wow. It's painful to watch the video!. And if this ever happens to me I will have to pay the full price for a new one, because I don't want refurbished replacement units.

It was a fun watch but ultimately not very helpful. There are a million ways your phone could hit the ground. My old iPhone 4, a supposedly fragile phone, survived a two-story drop from the fire escape and all it got was a nicked corner. My Evo 3D fell from my lap getting out of the car and the screen cracked.

It amazes me that HTC cannot seem to put out a phone where you can easily view the screen outdoors especially in sunny conditions.

My Thunderbolt was horrendous even with brightness maxed out and it doesnt appear as thought this phone is any better.

This is a stupid test! First, everything you drop can break. It's called gravity. Second, there are people dying in this world. You can donate the money to the Red Cross for example.

I'm sorry, what's your point? Because life sucks, we are not suppose to get an ounce of enjoyment from it? Its a test of durability. What the heck does that got to do with people suffering and dying?

Well then you can also test your car. Just drive and crash, test your airbag. If you survive, you have a good car. Everything people make in USA is tested before it goes to the market. There is something called lawsuit. Do you think you treat your phone the way they do in the test? By the way there is something called phone case also. If you feel like throwing money out of the window, well give it to charity! That's my point.

I don't have to test my car. The Government does that for me way before I buy it. Every hear of crash tests and crash dummies? What these guys did was a public service for those of us who are curious about the durability of our phones. Phones are with us virtually everywhere we go, and the environment is not always friendly. Let's face it, many of drop our phones by accident all the time. I know I have. So, before I drop 200 bucks on a device thats gonna marry me to my wireless provider for another 2 years, I'd like to know that the device will not become unusable the first time I accidentally drop it when removing it from my pocket!

I'm glad this shows just how crappy LCD screens are in the sun. I'll keep my Nexus, at least I can use it outdoors. Most annoying thing from my Mexico trip with my Thunderbolt was not being able to see what I was taking pictures of.

I wonder how the camera is damaged as Phil always mentions it.
(It's funny there's an ambulance-like sound at the background after the screen is damaged.)

I wonder if phones without removable batteries like the One X are more prone to shattering. I dropped my Evo a few times, and part of the energy of the impact would go into making the back cover and battery detach and fly. It never shattered though.