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HTC posted a great blog entry about their thinking behind the construction and design of their shiny new HTC One. Designer Thomas Chien gushed openly about how good the One feels in the hand, but also touched on how tricky it was on the engineering side. Obviously an all-metal body (a first in the smartphone world) could cause some pretty hefty reception issues, but without going into too much technical detail, Chien sounded confident that they had created a phone that feels and functions great. Their tagline here is that "feeling is more important than physics", and certainly sets the scene for how the design and engineering teams work together at HTC. 

What do you guys think of the overall look of the HTC One? How much will you need to actually hold one before making the decision to buy it? 

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HTC One's designer talks about balancing engineering and emotional priorities


- "feeling is more important than physics" -

Put me firmly in the opposing viewpoint category.

Sorry, but I don't need my *phone* to make an emotional connection with me and I certainly don't need it to make a fashion statement about me.

I want my phone to... you know... be really good at doing phone stuff.

In any case, I don't see the design of this phone being spectacularly better than any of the others out there. Certainly not enough to deal with any potential shortfalls that might arise from their design trade-offs.


Still need to play with one and see how it does in some real world reviews, but I am definitely expecting this to be my next phone. My first phone was an HTC Evo 4g (which I loved), then moved on to an evo 3d which was quickly replaced by an SGS2, followed by a Galaxy Nexus. Now I have an SGS# running CM10.1 which I love but have always loved htc’s design and feel. The 1080p screen and hopefully a low light camera for out at the bars will be the perfect device for me.

If feeling is how it feels in the hand then I am at least partly in that camp. I will complain about a phone if the weight, center of gravity and texture makes it hard to hold on to. Something too light (or heavy), out of balance or slippery doesn't like to stay in the hand. I will use a phone that has some of this wrong if I have to and it works good but I won't "love" it. A phone like that would get a "meh" from me if asked. Get those things right and give it even half decent performmance and I will gush about it to anyone who even mentions the phone.

Machining that part, at that high volume has to be expensive as hell. It even has all kinds of undercuts and whatnot that require a tool change.

I like it, but it's nothing spectacular. It reminds me of my EVO LTE. I pray it won't have the reception issues the EVO LTE has. This is my next phone!

I think it's a nice looking phone. I look forward to giving it consideration when I'm eligible for a new phone (not for another year). However, I'll be paying very close attention to build quality. In my circle of family and friends, there are 5 of us that are each on our second generation HTC (starting with an EVO 4G or 3D, and graduating to an EVO 4G LTE). All of us have had to replace each phone at least once (up to 3 times in one case), and the buggy-ness of HTC's implementation of Android has been very problematic. So, I've developed a very healthy skepticism about HTC in general. Until the HTC One was announced today, I had pretty much established that my next phone will be a Samsung. I want to like HTC, I really do. I love the look, size, feel of HTC phones. I prefer Sense over TouchWiz. But, I've been burned to much on reliability. So, I'll wait, and watch, and we'll see what a year from now brings.

By then, we'll be looking at a whole 'nother phone; not the One. The One will be Last Year's Technology by then, and HTC will be showcasing a NEW flagship. You likely won't be considering THIS phone in a year...

God daaamn... It's simple!... No iPhone has removable battery so this one won't... no iPhone has Extended SD so this one won't. Super simple... If the iPhone has this features on their next phone then expect them on the next HTC flag ship device. They might not understad what the market wants, the only thing they know is that iPhone is selling by the millions, so they will do what the top selling device is doing. And don't be surprised if the S4 goes the same way. BTW, I am buying this device.