HTC One retail box

One downside to being the dude who's dead set against unboxings is that you occasionally find your self taking a phone out of a box and filming it for all the world to see. But seeing as how we're now in possession of an actual retail unit, box and all, of the new HTC One, we thought we'd give you a look-see.

So after the break is a brief HTC One unboxing -- again, an actual retail unit -- for those who are into that sort of thing. Mazel tov.

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HTC One retail unboxing


Yeah, totally feel for you Phil, it's tough being the dude that gets every single new phone for free and before everyone else. I'd hate to have your life. NOT.

Maybe it's just not clear from your wording, but I think you've misinterpreted what review phones involve.

You don't get to keep them, as a general rule. Companies will usually loan phones out for a few weeks (at best) and expect them back. You can very occasionally buy your review unit if you're that enamored with owning it, but often there's a queue of 29 other outlets that would really, really like to see that test device for themselves.

The perk is mostly getting to try the phone as if it were your own, instead of having to use some partly broken demo unit (or a hollow dummy) at the carrier store. You just can't get attached to it.

To me, Phil's write-up about not being into un-boxing new phones comes off as "ugh, another one?, when will this end".

Instead of having some sort of excitement for the rest of us. (fake it if you have to, we are the ones consuming your editorial and watching your vids.) After all, when we un-box, we are un-boxing something we'll be with for the next year or two depending on your contract.

Phil will be opening another new phone in the next week or two. So to your point that he doesn't get to keep the phone, does it really matter when in a few weeks he'll be opening the next super-phone that shows up at his desk?

Phil is pretty damn good at what he does, and I genuinely think he enjoys it greatly.

I think his dislike of unboxings is well placed. When I look at an unboxing (I rarely do, and the only reason I looked at this one is because of the unique casing of the box) I end up feeling a little dumber at the end of the video. I mean.... the reviewer is simply opening the box, showing you what is in the box, and putting the phone completely aside.

We are excited about the phone, not the box it comes in.

All unboxing's are the same, phone, plug, cord, and maybe ear buds and a manual. no Big deal. I want to hear a review after they used it for a week and can tell me about their experience then just first looks.

I just always assumed as it always seems like you guys have a British guy waiting in some room somewhere to do a story (or is that you), lol. I think Phil is the only one is is ever going to get to play with the ONE according to the info about the shortages. I would be OK with HTC substituting a decent 13+ MP camera in for the 4MP ultrapixel. As long as the 13 was decent, anyone else?

I will give it to HTC, at least they are trying to be different. If I see another Galaxy whatever clone from Samsung it will be too soon. Sheesh, if the leaks are to be believed the S4 will be almost the same design as the S3. Even down to that awful center button. I have a gsm Gnex and the next phone I get will NOT be a GS4 or anything from Sammy. Now if HTC can finally market this thing right we might have a winner. Hope, Hope!

Yeah boy i gotta hand it to you that being different mines so much to those direct sales and market share numbers that htc better hope they get here in 2013. The sad part is Samsung didn't even have to put out any Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3 matter of if they only made the Galaxy Note 8 for 2013 they still would out sell Htc. You're far from understanding anything regarding Samsung you're Galaxy Nexus isn't NOWHERE close to the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, or Galaxy Note 2.

HTC needs to START Marketing in the US.
They don't do ANY TV ads that I have seen in a LONG time.
It would be a good start to have an ad that is like, "You might not know our name, but you know our products and show the earlier Droid phones that they have sold through Verizon then show the Evo line of phones then say, something along the lines of time to count down to 'One'..."
That's a freebie, go ahead and use it, sell a BUNCH of phones so we can all keep enjoying them!

This phone (the HTC One) looks REALLY sweet.

Phil, can you talk about the included headphones? Is there an inline remote with volume up/down/mute and play/pause, forward & reverse? In every unboxing I've seen, they just toss it aside, but it's next to impossible to find a three-button remote that works with Android. Would be cool if HTC hooked us up. Thanks, buddy.

You should have done it in German like the one posted in the forums. That would have been great. Or in a Fat Bastard accent. People can call unboxing videos lame all they want, but we all "ooh" and "ahh", smiling from ear to ear when we get ours. And quite honestly I liked seeing the headphones in there. Now I know they give them out so if I don't get it in my Sprint box and can piss and moan about it all day. I agree with Venkman though - would love to see a 3-button remote that works.

*abrupt record stop sounds* Sooooooo wait: the international version WILL come with ear buds? Beats by Dre? What about the United States? If not, HTC should offer a large rebate as an incentive to purchase some...

Just a minor question. Do you think the US version of the phone include the headphones? Is that depend on the carrier? I'm not really hurting for headphones but it would be cool.

Is that Crackberry Kevin slumming it up in the Android Central comments? Shouldn't you be drooling over your Z10 while we Americans are still patiently waiting for it to come ashore?

ha! Phil that wasn't a very objective unboxing....(End sarcasm).

Honestly, I don't see the big deal with everyone's gripe about Blinkfeed, tweetfeed or what have you. Don't use the damn thing and if your that urked by it, you've got two options...Root or find a different phone.

Another thing I don't get...Why is everyone comparing this phone to the iPhone? It's nothing like the iPhone...What because of "fit and finish"? That's absurd to compare it to another device due to it's fit and finish. That's like comparing a Cadillac to a Bentley...Sure they're both made out of metal and glass and rubber, but at the end of the day they're worlds apart.

As for headphones...include them, dont include them, whatever. Your not entitled to the horrendous beats headphones just because your buying a phone with beats audio enhancements...That's like buying in ear monitors and expecting the pre-amps and mixer to come for free.

WHat they hell phil..???are YOU IGNORING THE HEADPHONES...tell us wether they are beats or not..Stop PLAYING WITH OUR EMOTIONS(not slick):::???:::

Yeah that was my first question, are those beats earbuds? I know its just an unboxing vid but why not un wrap the headphones?? Oh wait the sim card tray is more interesting

That phone just calls my name.. My current iPhone 4s though solid and dependable is quite quiet.. :D