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The HTC One Mini 2 is coming to Verizon, but on Big Red it'll be known as the HTC One Remix. Long-rumored and often leaked, the One Remix brings the things that we liked about the HTC One Mini 2 to Verizon's network, and at a relatively reasonable price. The phone will be available starting on Thursday, July 24th for $99.99 with a two-year contract.

Aside from the name, there doesn't seem to be much of anything different from the One Mini 2 to what's inside the HTC One Remix. It has the same dual HTC BoomSound speakers, same 4.5-inch 720p display, same single-lens 13-megapixel rear camera, same 16GB internal storage, and the same Android 4.4.2 KitKat with HTC Sense 6. But hey, it supports XLTE.

It's the HTC One Mini 2 on Verizon, but it's called the HTC One Remix. And it can be yours starting tomorrow. Who wants one?

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HTC One Remix announced for Verizon, don't call it the One Mini 2


I was just thinking if this had a snapdragon 800 this would be an absolute beast of a phone. Obviously the 801 would be even better, lol.

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Those huge bezels look even worse on a smaller phone. I applaud HTC's materials use but there's way too much wasted space on the front.

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Then don't complain when they get rid of books pound because of all the bezel complaints

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One Remix was my first choice after using HTC One S 2 years, then I decided to M8 due to a larger screen, the duo camera, updates. One remix is ​​very nice the best choice for the average user.

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And I guess off contract price would be $500-$550. That's way too much for a midspec phone. This USA contract scheme shoud end. The sooner, the better. Only than there could be a real pricing of all spectrum of phone price ends.

My thoughts exactly. Makes no sense to get this when the original One still has better specs.

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They don't call it the mini 2 because they don't have to honor same android updates as mini 2 when updates hit.

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dont know why manufacturers can not put top of the line specs with at least 32gb of int storage into a smaller device. The phone will sell like gang busters, not everyone wants the huge phone. I have the Note 3 and love it, but I also carry around a smaller handset, use my Note 3 for my business. Someone build the customer a killer handset like the size of last years HTC One m7, love that phone. Might just be tempted to buy one, just dont want to jump on a phone with a 2 yr old processor. The HTC One m7 with this years killer quad core processor is my kinda phone.