HTC reportedly has made great gains in tackling supply issues over the last two weeks

It was just over a month ago that reports were coming in of a delayed HTC One launch due to problems sourcing components from manufacturers. According to brokerage firm J.P. Morgan Securities, things are looking up for HTC and its newest flagship. In the last two weeks, parts supply issues have been greatly improving, and revenue projections for the Taiwanese phone company are now expected to increase over fifty percent compared to last quarter.

HTC's production progress is being attributed to "new vendor qualification, technology transfer and volume increase." Thanks to these improvements, phone production is expected to increase from 300,000 in March to 1.2 million in April. May looks even better, with expected shipments reaching as high as 2 million units.

Some damage has already been done to HTC One sales, where launch delays as long as a month were seen in important markets. Although HTC looks to be getting back on track, analysts still see production problems in the future thanks to difficulties producing the HTC One voice coil motor and compact camera module. With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 quickly approaching, further manufacturing bottlenecks could mean serious trouble for HTC.

Source: Focus Taiwan


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HTC One production problems have 'significantly improved,' U.S. brokerage says


This is good news. Seems like HTC one is popular and is selling well.
Dont want one manufacturer to be market leader.

I agree. I myself love HTC but left them after the Thunderbolt. I got an S3 followed by a Note 2. I gotta say though, now that I have a Nexus 4 I am very happy with this phone. I do wish HTC good luck!

HTC One is going to be my 1rst Android device, I know for sure I don't like the touchwiz of my wifes S2 & now Note2 so I'm going to give Sence 5 30 days, hope I like it

HTC one or S4 will my first android, i am still confuse which one i should go for it.

wating for s4 to come on t-mobile so i can go cheek both then phone and decide.

i am very happy windows phone user but i lost my HTC 8x so insted for going HTC 8x again i am thinking to gave a shot to android

I'll be waiting till after Google I/O and see if the Motorola X device will be real or not. I like the One but the sense software is over developed and over complicates the easy to use stock android. If the One stays unlocked and gets a stock rom it will be worth while, but the 4 MP is a joke. I hate touchwiz but Samsung is slimming it down a lot and it is a lot better now plus the S4 will have more storage with sd, I don't see why these two companies can't release one stock android phone a year with their regular line up. If the Moto X doesn't come out I'll probably get the S4 to replace my Gnex or a used Note 2.

You will love Sense 5. Been running it on my Evo LTE for a while and I can't put it down. Fast and Smooth, absolutely ZERO lag. And with the chipset in the ONE, it will be that much better.

Does your Sense ROM work with the EVO LTE camera chip? How is the camera quality/functionality compared to Stock EVO?

The picture quality hasn't changed. It just uses the ZOE software to take advantage of the capability to make ZOEs. And you also have access to all the settings of the One, but I haven't gone through them all to verify they work correctly. It doesn't make the EVO camera take pics like the One of course because of the hardware difference, but the software does enchance the experiance.

ya HTC really screwed up, this phone was supposed to be released about a month ago. back then this would of been the only choice for a top notch phone. now the s4 will be launching just one week after the HTC ONE in the US, now people will have a choice. I know I'm gonna wait for an s4 review now to see which phone I'm getting.

I thought this topic was going to address the QUALITY PROBLEMS the HTC One has had.

User mancuk29 at XDA had to replace his HTC One 3 times to finally get the 4th one that worked right.

"Hi mrvirginia

The first one had an issue with the camera when taking video's had an awful hiss

also the home / back button didn't work properly (and still the case on my 3rd replacement hence why ive thrown the towel in)

Second one which arrived - well what can I say !

Proximity sensor didn't work

Back/home lights didn't work - presume down to the sensor not working

and it also had an horrendous screen problem where white glowed through because it wasn't sealed"

Name one phone that doesn't have at least one story like this, real or not. Meanwhile, others have their One and are reporting no issues.

How can you doubt that it's real or not? Is your response due to being a fanboy (honest question here).

It's not the fact that there is no perfect phone. It's the low amount of volume that has been manufactured and the problems reported. It's probably still a low ratio, but if someone had 3 different problems is he unlucky or is there a good chance QC is going to be sacrificed?

The user from XDA was an advocate of the HTC One. Go look at his forum history, he was excited to have the HTC One and for the first week he bragged about it being the best phone he's ever had till suddenly he went through all these problems.

I went through (a total of 6, on different accounts) Evo's that had massive light leaks at the bottom and on 3 of them the buttons were wonky. They all got replaced but 2 of them still had light leaks. Then when the Evo 3D was released, I went through 3 of them. 2 had massive light leaks and one couldn't keep a call connected even if the call was attached to it's ass...So I traded for the Moto Photon. Since, I've had the Moto photon, GS2 and the GS3 and they have been perfect with no complaints. Now hearing this, quality issues with me have arisen again about HTC. Not sure if I want the hassel of taking it back "if" there are quality issues. Looks as if I might wait for the GS4.

Ah, the priceless "You must be a fanboy" argument. Never gets old. Or new. There are problems with every first batch of phones. It doesn't start or stop with the One. The guy obviously has a hate for the phone that he put so much effort into tracking down YouTube links for one guy's RARE case.

Ah, the "conspiracy theory" argument. Never gets old. Or new. Blah blah blah blah, yeah works both ways. I didn't have to "track" down youtube problems. I post on XDA regularly and know a user who shared his experiences with having to get 4 HTC ones before one didn't have a problem. I had a HTC One. I just like to do my research before throw down a few 100s of dollars.

EDIT: Okay. You made me investigate it further.

google "HTC One build problems"

"A high level executive of HTC Asia reportedly admitted that the One suffers from these build issues, and that the company is ready to repair these devices and replace them."

Again, for the low amount that was produced and sold compared to problems has my concern. Not the fact that "every first batch has problems."

now calm down, stop getting to rallied up about this and have a snickers :)


The old first batch "always" has problems excuse. My Photon, S2, and S3 phones were all first batch phones and are still in use today, working, and still in great shape. I like HTC and want them to succeed but I can't vouch that they don't have quality issues...because I have witnessed it on multiple HTC products.

Ah, the priceless "this guy must be a 'hater' because he made a negative comment about a mobile phone I want to make love to!"

i just went on At&t store to cheek on HTC one
oo boys i was so fricking impressed by phone man can't wait it to get it on t-mobile,
and i also want to wait for S4 to come i will cheek it out then decide which one i should get. guys help me out do HTC has third party app like S4 have S health.

Though my last 3 devices were the S2,3 and currently the Note 2, the device that rescued me from the mind numbing iphone was the HTC Touch Pro. Then I picked up the og EVO. I really hope HTC finds its way back into the conversation with the One. Android desperately needs HTC to continue to find success by pushing the design envelope. I applaud HTC for daring to step outside the box. This Note 2 is a beast. I may not ever go back to a smaller screened device. But the flimsy back cover on this thing is killing me. Because the Note is so long, the battery cover doesn't snap tightly at all points. I can press along the sides and feel the cover give and hear it squeak. I ended up placing a folded piece of paper under the battery door. That did the trick, but shouldn't have been necessary for such a highly priced device.
So though I may not purchase a One, I cheer for its success.
Somebody's gotta force Samsung to abandon this psychotic fixation on plastic.
Go One!!

This website gives the HTC One more ink than any other 4 phones combined and this phone hasn't even been released by many Carriers. I am disgusted by the HTC brand as of late. Being the owner of the Thunderbolt and the Rezound I have a very hard time getting behind anything HTC. Still waiting for the Jelly Bean update and have given up. Since I put the Rezound in the closet and went Samsung I have never looked back. The SGS2, SGS3, Note 2 and waiting for the SGS4. All phones have Jelly Bean and every Samsung phone has been absolutely flawless. The Samsung phones have everything I can ask for in a top of the line device. I also prefer the polycarbonate build, the phones look new forever, the aluminum built phones always have some kind of radio signal interference. It's either the data has issues or the GPS and wifi doesn't work right. I am going to stick with the Samsung phone. I hope the HTC One works out for all those that pick it as their next phone.

I'm thinking of doing the same. I have 2 upgrades right now and was waiting for both phones to be released to compare them but I don't think I need to. Samsung has been flawless for me so I think it's 2 S4's for me!