SquareTrade Breakability Chart

HTC One found to be just as durable as the all-plastic Moto X

Following the announcement by HTC that it will start offering free broken screen replacements, the folks at SquareTrade decided to take a complete look at durability on HTC's most recent devices. Going through a testing system that looks at the physical aspects of a phone, how easy it is to hold and how well it survives a drop test (as much as we dislike those), SquareTrade ranked the HTC One, One Max, Moto X and Galaxy S4 against each other.

Despite its large size, ample glass and aluminum construction, the HTC One came out on top — tied with the plastic-bodied Moto X — with a "breakability score" of just 4.5 on a scale of 10. The One Max, because of its larger size, came out with a 5.5. The HTC One received high marks for its front panel construction, grip-ability, water resistance and slide and drop tests. The screen is well-protected by the ample metal bezels, and actually performed surprisingly well when being dunked in water.

You can see the full results of the testing for all four phones, including a video showing the test methods for the HTC One, after the break.

SquareTrade Breakability Chart

Source: SquareTrade


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HTC One, One Max ranked highest in durability by SquareTrade


My htc one flew out of my hand when I took it out if my pocket. Ricocheted off my works loading dock and slid across the pavement. Not a scratch or ding. I'm impressed. best phone I've ever owned.

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I dropped my phone from the seat of my car to the pavement when I got out of my car. Probably less than a foot in height........shattered screen, multiple scratches and dents. :-(

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Funny, same thing happened to me today, slipped out of my hand, tried to grab it with my other hand and ended up batting it across the room and into a one inch gap between a wall and book shelf. What a struggle retrieving it.

Again, not a mark on it, and I run it naked.

Still no cure for dents.

I wonder why the drop test was such a fail for the S4?

Good to see though that there is a better chance of not cracking the screen with the One/Moto X. If the back came off easily and could be (casual) user replaced I would be all for the metal casing on the One. I know my ReZound went through hell and never broke but I assumed that had more to do with shape and the soft touch back.

I checked the source and the SquareTrade site and not a word on how they were tested. Not really doubting them, but it is pertinent to my professional interests.

If anyone has the time to look around and finds something, share a link please.

Not to be crass, but people lie. If they based it off of that, there is no way they can pass it off as fact.

I just watched the video (I didn;t know it was only 2:00 long) and wow those dents and the casing coming apart. I REALLY want to know how the S4 fared worse now. I am guessing that even though more overall damage was done to the One, the screen was easier to shatter because the back panel comes off on the S4

Yeah i want to see the testing data. I am hoping to find it later when I can go more in depth than a press release and a 2 minute video

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...


I just saw that write up a second ago. Thanks for the tip off. That is a project me and my company will be very interested in.

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Indeed!!! No doubt technology is moving very, very fast! I can't even imagine what smartphones are going to be like in the year 2020! Oh, and by the way, this is a perfect example of why I say Google innovates, and Apple and Microsoft don't.

Posted via my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4

No doubt with stuff like this, glass, and a few other things. One of the things I have always liked about Google is the willingness to throw stuff out there and see where it might be used. Kinda like the Q got us to Chromecast

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Let's not let facts, empirical data, get in the way of subjective opinions.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 was a smash up success compared to the HTC One.

I saw what you did there.

I don't see facts or data an I have been looking

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Wait, what?

They base it off of their own drop tests.

Plus they can just look at what percentages of HTC get claims against them, vs percent of other phones.
Its not that hard. Doesn't matter what people say. Its the percent of policies that get claims.

But on the One models, not the others

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Awesome guys Thank you for the videos. I mean that sincerely

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Go back and read the site again, and this time watch the video

They have a contractor (ElectronicsBreak) run all the phone models through a series of tests, all the models get those same tests.
That (plus claim frequency) is how they set their rates.

They are in a better position to know this than almost anyone else. Apple only deals with Apple. Samsung only covers their own phone.

Doesn't surprise me, the easiest way to break a screen is impact to the side which the bezel of the phone should help protect against. But the S4's tiny ultra thin plastic bezel gives almost zero protection. My S4 screen lasted barely 2 days before breaking from a mild hit from the side.

To be fair I really wanted the HTC one ( I loved my Inc2 and it took a beating with no case and no damage other than some mild scratches in the paint on the metal bezel.) But I was already a couple months past my upgrade date and VZW still hadn't released the One on their network (which I'm on and can't change since my phone is provided by my work) my Inc2 was dying a slow death due to the hacks I'd done to it since HTC stopped releasing updates...and finally my second USB port on the Inc2 failed leaving me with no way to charge so I could either upgrade to the S4 and have a hot new phone that day...or wait a few days with no phone for a replacement USB port to be shipped to me (no where to buy one locally) So I settled on my second choice and went with the S4.

The S4 is a great phone and I love it. But I'm still a much bigger fan of HTC's construction. The bezel on the One is just much better designed and gives the edges of the screen way more protection than the S4. That joke of a bezel is the only real complaint I have about the S4 since now I'm stuck with a case for the first time and still have to treat it more carefully than any past phone I've owned.

I wouldn't say smaller phones are necessarily easier to hold on to, but I've noticed that as my phones have gotten progressively larger over the years, I've become more likely to slip while sliding the phone into my pants pocket, which occasionally leads to a drop.

I agree but I have noticed that with the Note I use two hands more... Lol. I guess it comes down to what each person feels good about

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Depends on the size of your hands ;)

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

....well then it may also 'depend' on dexterity, clumsiness, or one being uncoordinated, maladroit, accident-prone, butterfingered, inept, or klutzy; and perhaps the size of the phone.

But when is a phone too large? The Moto X may have a 4.7" screen, but it is hardly a large phone. I think NoNexus may be right and they're using the iPhone as the measure.

The only HTC phone that broke before its time was the SENSATION XE I think that whole entire model had a defective circuit system, I just recent came across close to 5 pages worth of similar complaints and half baked "try this, try that.." Resource on the XDA site.. Otherwise, I love this OEM - the lesser known but innovative manufacurer!!

I'm curious how their score is computed. It looks like the Moto X is almost identical to the HTC One except in one category where it's slightly better. Except they have the same overall score.

I saw some drop tests of HTC One and in none of them fared well. They are not always as accurate but when you take them all consideration One would be out of top 5.

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VZW Moto X

I've dropped my HTC EVO Shift, Nexus S, EVO LTE, and my Galaxy S3. I dropped each one time onto concrete. They all suffered the same damage. Scuffed up corners/back. Also, two phones I have owned have gotten one screen scratch. My EVO Shift from a sharp metal corner of a coin purse clasp in my pocket and my GS3 from the needle end of a syringe.

Basically, I think they are all made similarly and the type of drop determines the outcome. Screen scratch resistance is pointless to me until they can prove to me a grain of sand will not cause a scratch. I don't care about nails or rail road spikes, I care about the grain of sand in my pocket.

Been lucky and all my phones have remained drop free that was until my note 3 which decided to leap out of my pocket upon exiting my car. The Damage from roughly a foot was a chip lower left corner and a cupple of scuffs nothing to noticeable thankfully, oh and a tiny tiny mark on screen as it landed face down. A lucky escape was still annoyed though.

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Either Square "forgot", or chose not to mention, that the HTC plan also covers scratches, and I'd guess all the damage here, apart from the water damage.

In a drop test I saw HTC One shattered in pieces on 1st drop and by 2nd or 3rd screen cracked (pretty much like most phones)

These high scores for the HTC One should come as no surprise to anyone who owns one. It is the best in class.

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