HTC One Car Dock.

Here's a quick look at the official HTC One Car Dock. It's a car dock, for the HTC One. And if you're at all familiar with HTC's car docks for its other devices, you should be right at home here. 

There's nothing grossly different about the functionality here. It's got a substantial base that either suctions itself to your windshield, or to your dash via an adhesive disc. (I usually opt for the windshield, but then again I swap devices more than most normal folks.) You twist the textured ring at the base of the dock to trigger the suction mechanism. (It's easier to do when you're actually mounting the dock, so don't worry if you can't just get it to work in your hands.) There's a ball joint to allow for a full range of movement and positioning of your phone, and there's just enough friction to keep things from moving when you don't want them to.

HTC One Car Dock.

My dock included a 6-foot microUSB cable, which should be long enough to reach over to the left-hand side of your dash, if that's how you roll. The business end clips into the dock itself, with the plug passing through to your phone. That makes my brain think it might not be as sturdy as a stock with a permanently attached plug, but it seems to work just fine.

The look of the dock is a little odd, with half of your phone left exposed. But that makes it extremely easy to slide your phone in and out. I've had no issues seating the microUSB plug. And once things are in their proper place, the Car Dock app immediately fires up, with a number of apps attached to it by default. (To swap them out, just long press and remove, and hit the + button to add a new app.)

All in all, it's what you'd expect from a manufacturer's own car dock.

You can snag the HTC One car dock from Amazon for around $67, or a little cheaper directly from HTC.


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The HTC One official car dock


Have one these for the last few months and works very well. Phone feels secure and safe. Car app works well too no issues so far

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What happens when you put a GPe in it? Didn't stock Android lose car home at some point?

Posted via AC App on HTC One GPe

Two issues I've had with using One in car and I don't know if this helps with either of them. First, it seems to discharge faster than it charges while the screen is on and GPS is being used. If I put it in there for say a 6 to 7 hour trip, it will likely die before I get there if I'm using the GPS and sending music over bluetooth, even while plugged in. Second, the metal on the HTC One just cooks in the sun and I've had the thing just shut down from over heating.

Any comments on these issues with regards to how this HTC dock might address them? Is it only really useful for cross town, day-to-day usage but not for road trips (the one time that I really like doing this)?

I haven't had any issues with the battery draining faster than it can charge. Are you using the USB adapter that came with the dock? I switched mine out for a dual-port 2.1A charger. I have both the dock and my HTC CAR A200 OEM Car Stereo Bluetooth Adapter connected to it and have no issues. It charges a bit slower, but I never lose power. Then again, I haven't traveled more than 2 hours at a time since I've had it.

As for the metal heating up in the sun, yes, I've experienced this. Not to the point it wanted to shut down over it though. If my AC is on, I have no issue.

Yes I'm having trouble with overheating as well and the phone stops charging as a result. I think this is because Google Nav isn't dimming the screen after a few minutes like it used to. New Google maps Nav is even worse. Having the screen at max brightness (in the daytime) kills the battery faster and overheats the phone. I just turn off the screen manually on long drives when I know I'm going 30 miles until the next exit, that sort of thing.

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It should charge while using GPS and screen on. If yours isn't I suspect the charger. There has been much discussion on this on the forum. You need a charger that will supply the full 1 amp charge. Many don't.

1 amp should be the minimum charger you can buy. Most are 2.1 now. The morale of the story is don't buys cheap charger. Also i find my charges faster from the cigarette lighter than the usb port in my car.

While they may say 1 amp, many only supply half that due to USB standards. Cheap or not, do your research and get one that is confirmed to supply the full amp.

The charger that HTC supplies is amp charger. Mine doesn't have trouble keeping up, but when the phone gets hot due to the sun and the screen running at full brightness it stops charging period. Like I said, turning the screen off manually by pressing the power button solves the problem (Nav still runs with the screen off and it will start talking letting you know is time to turn the screen back on). Anyone know why maps isn't auto dimming anymore? I can't even find a setting for it.

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That has always happened to me, when driving for more than 2 hours and the GPS, Pandora are running at the same time., the sun is causing your issues. I fixed it by using a 2 amp charger and turning on the dash AC vent. It keeps the cell cool and allows it to charge the battery

I have this and am using it now on a trip, it's great with a flaw: you can't use it without the power cord, the plug is what keeps the phone attached to the dock. Bummer for quick trips in the city when you don't want to plug the dock in. Also the cradle for the phone attaches with a half twist, and if you try and adjust the mount turning it clockwise it usually comes off the mount.

Is there any place to get it other than from that one Amazon seller (or eBay)? The shipping estimate for that Amazon seller is at least 18 days, and that's just preposterous.

I got mine through

In general, you want to buy HTC accessories through HTC directly because their warranty process is horrendous when you buy even official accessories through third party vendors, even if approved.

Getting warranty support on accessories through HTC is an awful experience.

Works great except one big thing: In the heat, it never stays suctioned for more than an hour or so. I'm about to put some glue down on it. Granted, I am using a base disc from a previous dock, but that shouldn't affect it, should it? It's just a plastic flat surface. So, what I'm saying is, the suction is not bad but it's not super. Otherwise it's a great dock.

(p.s. I hate the HTC Car mode IU and UX compared to the old stock android car mode. They purposely now hide your notification bar (probably to eliminate distractions of seeing unread text icons) and it's difficult to switch from Navigation to Music or other apps.)

Mines been on the rental car windshield for three days straight with no issue.

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make sure you are twisting the ring past the first "stop". You have to twist it pretty good, but if you stop at the first sign of resistance, its not fully engaged and will fall off. Keep twisting the ring after and you should be good.

If you are doing that, try it on a better surface (your windshield for example, just to test it). Your disc may have a not so smooth surface any longer.

$60+ for a car dock is absurd. There's less than $15 worth of materials here, and probably closer to $10.

Got this day one from T-Mobile. I really do like it although I have 2 issues:
1) Since half the rear of the phone is open, the back of the phone very VERY hot driving around during the day. A few times the phone has gotten so hot it starts to slow down and even reboot.

2) As others have mentioned, the included charger (any charger) will not charge the phone if you are using the phone. If you leave the screen on and have something running (GPS or Ingress), even plugged in the phone slowly drains the battery.

New problem, the new Google maps is incompatible with the HTC car app. If I launch navigation from the car app maps will invariably crash. Usually it happens when you jump out of navigation to look at something else and then try to go back into Nav via the notification. It starts Nav from scratch but I think it's still running in the background with the original route and that causes some sort of conflict. If I use Nav without starting it from the HTC car app it works perfectly fine. I'm going to try one of the third party car launchers and see if that makes a difference.

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I get that same behavior with Car Home Ultra on my GS2 running JB so it's not an incompatibility with HTC. The question I have is, does it have an audio out port?

I'm now using Car Home Ultra and no issues with Nav crashing (so far). No, there is no audio out jack, but you can use the headphone jack if you desire :-) I use mine with my Moto Roadster II via Bluetooth.

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Just got it, not too useful because the screen dims in Car Mode after half a minute. Can't find a setting to stop this (have 4.3). I've cleared Car and Sense data and restarted in Safe Mode and put in Display timeout in Auto with no joy. Best I can do is set Display to an hour I guess, or run Copilot all the time????