HTC One Mini

Coming to CPW, Phones4u, O2, Vodafone and EE; first SIM-free prices​ starting to appear

Yesterday saw the official unveiling of the HTC One Mini — the manufacturer's miniaturized, lower-priced version of its current flagship. And we've published a full hands-on preview, walking through the device's features and comparing it to the full-sized One, as well as Samsung's rival Galaxy S4 Mini.

Over the past day we've started to see the first signs of when and where UK buyers will be able to pick up the device. Network operators O2 and Vodafone have confirmed on Twitter that they'll be offering the One Mini for sale — O2 says it's "coming soon," while Voda promises an August launch. EE spokesperson confirmed to Android Central that it'll be offering the HTC One Mini on its 4G network, but didn't offer any pricing or release date. 

Independent retailer Phones4u also has a pre-order page up for the silver One Mini, and promises £50 Google Play credit for pre-orders on EE, or £25 for all other networks. On the SIM-free side, Handtec is the first British retailer to post a pre-order price for the device — £379.99 inc. VAT, or £316.66 exc. VAT. Carphone Warehouse is the only retailer offering a similar price — £379.95 — with an Aug. 9 release date.

HTC's press release says the Mini will hit "selected markets" from August. Elsewhere, a global roll-out is scheduled for September. Finally, there's been no official announcement on U.S. availability for the One Mini just yet, despite rumors that it's bound for AT&T.

Will you be picking up an HTC One Mini in the next month or so? Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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Reader comments

HTC One Mini UK availability and pricing [Updated]


Being on straight talk with an ATT HTC One, I wonder if this will be a good backup phone once it hits the US. Or should I just purchase a used HTC One? Decisions.....

i know the price isn't always based on current exchange but thats $579 the same cost as the one

True lol. But that is unlocked... The HTC One unlocked in Portugal is 799 €. I think this is a good sign... If unlocked is 379 it means that with a career it will cost a lower price... (In my opinion).
But still, no reason to pick this over the Nexus 4 if the price is 350$ or more...

The price would be prohibitive for me, personally I am not tying myself to any contract just to get a phone. I would have to see in person and wait to see if O2 offer this in their "Refresh" package.

Oh why am I kidding myself, give me a Nexus 4 anyday (pounds UK)289 inc. postage and pure Google.

At another price point, I might have considered this, but I have yet to find the phone, for me, that beats my N4 for my requirements