HTC One Mini

4.3-inch HTC One variant snagged by source for Engadget

The HTC One Mini -- previously known by its codename of "M4" -- is quickly coming into focus as HTC's leading mid-range handset for 2013. Last week brought the first blurry-cam photos of the device. Earlier today reports from Bloomberg suggested an arrival 'by August.' And now Engadget has published a photo of the unannounced handset alongside its big brother, the HTC One.

The photo, which the site says was provided by a trusted source, shows very few external differences between the big One and the little One, though the One Mini will reportedly feature plastic front sections instead of the metal of the original. Never fear, though, aluminum fans -- the back of the chassis remains furnished in brushed metal. Engadget's report repeats some previously-rumored specs, including a 4.3-inch 720p display, Beats Audio and (obviously) a pair of bassy front-facing "BoomSound" speakers. The IR blaster found on the HTC One reportedly hasn't made the cut though, sadly. The CPU is speculated to be a 1.4GHz Snapdragon 400, and the handset is currently said to be running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and HTC Sense 5.

As for release windows, it doesn't get any more specific than Q3 2013, which would fit with what's been reported elsewhere. So, in this world of five-plus-inch phones, is anyone still in the market for a well-made 4.3-incher? Shout out in the comments.

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HTC One Mini pictured in clearest side-by-side shot yet


Love how they didn't change the design language at all for the step down. I was able to use the HTC One for the first time the other day at a AT&T store, it is a great device.

Oh, look! A grey iPhone 5!!! Oh, wait... so THAT'S (again) what the ton of patents HTC licensed from Apple gets them: No lawsuits from the BLATANT similarity to iPhone. Jokes aside, that doesn't look that 'mini' to me :P It does look classy, though. Will they still keep the useless HTC logobutton?

I know, 4.3" is now "mini". But I'd love this device. What are your options for a smaller phone? The iPhone, or maybe the Razr M. Or even the BlackBerry Z10. I just wish this phone came with the same specs as the One. Just because it's smaller doesn't mean they should have reduced specs.

The specs are completely fine stop complaining. Snapdragon 400 is plenty fast. And it doesn't need a 1080P screen that'd be dumb as hell.

Me neither - never understood that remark, I would never mistake a One for an iPhone. Now the Z10 on the other hand...

So if the HTC One looks almost exactly like the iPhone, where's the big round home button at the bottom? Where's the full glass front instead of the metal speaker grills at the top and bottom? Why is the earpiece on the One at least twice as big as the earpiece on the iPhone? And finally, why is there an HTC logo on the front, where the iPhone has none?
Also, the HTC logo on the bottom is NOT a button. Every review of the phone has stated as much when it was first revealed some 4 months ago. Good job. You've just failed spectacularly.

4.3 vs 4.7 (You do realize its measured diagonally right?)

The difference is negligible. Certainly not worth "waiting for". It won't fit in your pocket or hand any better.

Let me guess, you own the non-mini One? lol you sound bitter.
It looks NOTICEABLY narrower even in that photo, which would be a much better fit in hand/pocket.

The home button placement isn't bad at all, especially if you're coming from a Nexus S, which is what my wife will be doing. She loves my HTC One but it's too big for her hands and she prefers the Nexus S form factor so an HTC One Mini is perfect.

way way to much top and bottom bezel/speaker. Nice of you to put the speakers on the front, but now figure out how to do it without adding so much size to the phone, like maybe chop out the ugly step-child buttons and go on-screen.

My wife is on an HTC Sensation.. still a good phone running Android Revolution HD.

One day I might upgrade her to something like this. She really didn't want a phone any bigger than the 4.3" Sensation so a One Mini would be great.

i really dont mind the drop in specs. it still looks like a fantastic phone, just as long as all the Sense 5 features are there. :)

HTC One mini KING >>> Galaxy S4 Mini

Reasons: HTC One mini is getting all the features of HTC One.
1. Boom Sound
2. Ultra Pixles
3. Aluminum Design
4. Blink Feed
5. Zoe
6. Beats Audio

S4 Mini hasn't got any feature from S4.
1. No Smart Pause
2. No Smart scroll
3. No Air View
4. Multi Window
5. Not even 720 resolution display
6. No Air gestures (hover to accept call etc)

Source? I have not seen anywhere those negatives that you have for the mini S4 except the display.

In addition, you listed primarily hardware for the pluses on the One, and mostly software on the S4.

I personally would go with the One on this score, but lets be realistic in our comparisions

It's just about a perfect phone.. except no storage. 9GB usable.. um, no thanks.

Give it 32GB or an SD slot and I'd buy this thing full price the second it was available.

I think there is still a big market for smaller devices, these companies do their research before committing money to the production table. My wife is an example, she doesn't like the bigger screens, she prefers the Samsung S3 Mini because it's easier to hold and use. A

The price of the mid range smaller phones with less spec also means that there will always be demand for a device like this.

Good luck to HTC with this and with the big brother HTC One. They've clearly learned how to market the product better, keeping the same naming convention (One) but just calling it the Mini. I'd like to see this device and HTC in general do well. It's better for Android as a whole to have a number of top manufacturers selling units, as opposed to a single dominant player (ie the Samsung Galaxy line).

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"So, in this world of five-plus-inch phones, is anyone still in the market for a well-made 4.3-incher?"

Trick question? The vast majority of smartphone users are on <5" screens, all iPhone users for one. There's no reason to assume that they're all dreaming of 5+ incher.

My biggest problem is the scenario goes like this:

Manufacturers: No one wants to buy a <5" phone
Us v1: Well you didn't make one
Us v2: Well the one you made had specs from 4 years ago
Manufacturers: See, no one wants one so we're not going to make it.

Agreed. While I'm not looking for a sub-4.7" phone myself, I can imagine a very strong user base for that size of phone.

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My wife would like a smaller phone like this so yes there is still a market out there. I also don't like the continual upward trend of screen size. I don't have that big of hands (or pockets).

It's barely shorter than the original One! Even if it's narrower, there's still no way my thumb will reach the top and it will fit in my little lady pockets.

The One Mini was a great idea on paper, except the obvious flaw is that the misadvised tallscreen choice by HTC has left us with a device that is almost the same size as the normal One in height, so the sexy idea of 720p in 4.3 inches of screen has been lost. You might aswell get the 'normal proportioned' One as the Mini will leave you with a fistful of bloated bezel.
As this and the former article's images show, Both top and bottom bezels sections are chunkier on the Mini.

I was actually considering (forgiving them for getting the buttons wrong, and the other things) this phone till the other day. You've blown it HTC.

I dunno, it looks close enough to me where Apple could sneak a lawsuit in there! lol

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Its a nice lookin phone with good specs. I don't think I could pry the iPhone 5 from my wife's hands but more of these and maybe just maybe I can get her over to android.

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Looks nice. I already have the HTC One but I can easily see this appealing to the female market.

Why only female market? I'm a guy, and i still love my 3.3" Xperia ray.
Maybe it's a thing like men with big cars. You know, where some feel they need something big to compensate for small sizes in other, erm.. areas.

Still too big. There's a market for phones with 4" or even smaller. Sure, that market is not big, but it is definitely there.

Looks like iPhone 5, feels like iPhone 5, not iPhone 5, but WAY better than the iPhone 5!

Looks like HTC gained a lot with that compromise with Apple.

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