HTC One Mini

289MB file said to deliver performance enhancements

HTC is literally raining down the updates today, with the Sprint HTC One and EVO 4G LTE seeing updates, and now the One Mini on AT&T is having a turn.

It's a fairly sizable update at 289MB, but the listed changes are simply device performance enhancements. Your new build number will be 1.32.502.3, and you're still on platform version 4.2.

Any One Mini users out there seeing this one? Head into the forums and share your experiences and maybe we can find out just what's in this update.

Source: AT&T; via: Android Central forums


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HTC One Mini on AT&T also getting an update


Getting a new phone in a bit...(also waiting on 4.3 for at&t HTC one)...i am eyeing the Lg g2.....should i wait for nexus 5 or go ahead with the g2...i think i could get used to on the back buttons

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The LG G2 is a powerful device, but the UI is horrendous. If I were you, I would wait and see what the Nexus 5 has to offer. So far, all the rumors of the new Nexus will make it a good phone, but again, rumors. I'd wait it out.

There is dirt, then 60 feet of crap, then there's iOS...

Hopefully the nexus will improve the UI as well. It may look good but the functionality built in is pretty crappy, case in point, the camera app.

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I would use CM but then there is still that risk of a bricked device.....happened to my hisense sero 7 pro(7"tablet)

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Not sure what these guys are talking about the ui on the G2 is actually really nice and smoother than touchwiz no lag with tons of built in customizations from the animations on the home screen and even the lock screen . That being said I would wait to see the nexus 5 announcement should only be a couple weeks away.

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OK now hTC, if you don't update my One X on AT&T, i will NEVER EVER buy your phone again!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAH, now i hope they see this!!!