HTC One Mini 2

The HTC One Mini 2 was announced just today, but known carrier availability has been on the scant side of things, especially in the US of A. But we now have an indication of at least one network on which you might be able to get the One Mini 2 when it launches later this year (availability first will be in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia in June): Verizon.

According to prolific leaker evleaks, not only is the HTC One Mini 2 coming to Big Red, it might have a different name when it gets there. That name is HTC One Remix, though we're up in the air as to whether or not that actually will be the name (or if the One Mini 2 will even come to the US to start).

Though our hands-on with the HTC One Mini 2 revealed a phone that looks very much like a slightly smaller version of its big brother the HTC One M8, the One Mini 2 specs list tells a rather different story. They look alike, but inside they're very different phones.

With a possible launch at an unspecified time frame on Verizon, who is holding out for an HTC One Mini 2?

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HTC One Mini 2 coming to Verizon, might be dubbed 'Remix'


Its not a stupid name, its a smart move from a greedy VZW marketing perspective. People will be tricked into buying a phone that is marketed as being a remixed/smaller M8; those who aren't aware of the significant performance differences are going to get robbed for what they are wanting (a smaller M8 with the same performance).


True on the specs part and maybe the price but come on you know that the build quality of these phones are so far different its not even funny and once a lot of the reviewers out there get there hands on there phones and the reviews start flowing we can see what the performance of this phone is compared to the Moto G. Again yeah it might beat it in the price war but I personally like the build quality of the One series better the Moto series (X,G, and E)

Why buy this when the HTC One M7 is just slightly bigger and has better specs? This phone will probably cost at least $350 - the HTC One M7 can be had for $400 on Amazon.

I would not pay an extra $125+ just to have an aluminum phone (over the Moto G LTE). The 13 mp camera is intriguing though. That is a big boon for HTC (assuming it performs well)

Because for a lot of people (me included) the slightly bigger M7 is still to big. I wish the OEMs would get the Motorola message and put a killer package together in a 4.6-4.8" screen size - think Snapdragon 801, 1080P screen, 3 GB ram, 32 GB storage, 13 MP with OIS - I would pay flagship prices for this phone now.

They should call this mini phone "Apple". Guaranteed success.

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Right so any phone that's made out of metal with big top bottom bezels are iPhone copies now?

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According to Apple....YES! To them, any phone that's rectangular with rounded corners is copying and the metal with large bezels is just icing on the cake.

This is one of the reasons HTC cannot get ahead. They try to build a brand name and it gets mucked up. I guess they are not really coming from a position of strength.

Oh and go home Verizon, your drunk

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Has to be max $400 to match up with the Moto X. Same chipset but more memory means the X will outperform. The X is physically smaller but has a bigger screen. Neither camera is great. HTC should have better sound and has an SD slot which is a plus. Then it comes down to X features of touch less controls and active notifications vs. Sense.
Build quality of the X is excellent

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I'm disappointed, a article about Verizon and a phone and not one complaint yet about where the Verizon logo will be :( you guys are losing it.

Knowing will have the BIG red check on the front near the ear piece and VERIZON plastered on the back. It's all there to make sure you know who your carrier is.