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Charging contacts also spotted in latest leaked photos from China

The steady stream of HTC One Max leakage continues today with a fresh batch of pics from Chinese social network Weibo. The images show the upcoming 5.9-inch handset in considerable detail, including what could be a fingerprint scanner — or some other kind of additional sensor — on the phone's metal back. Also shown are what seem to be charging contacts on the bottom right edge, likely designed to work with some official dock accessory.

Software-wise, we're still looking HTC's Sense UI on top of Android, though the Android and Sense version information is "protected" on this prototype phone. Despite the quickening pace of leaks — and reports that a September launch was originally planned — there's no updated info as to when the oversized phone might arrive. Naturally, we'll keep you posted as more details emerge.

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HTC One Max sighted again with possible fingerprint sensor


They kind of needed to. I mean, the huge bezels on the One made it as big as an S4 when it didn't really need to be. It could have been a bit thinner and a bit shorter and been that much more appealing when it was time for me to upgrade.

I like the fingerprint sensor but the port window charging contacts are out of place on that otherwise gorgeous slab of aluminum.

Fingerprint sensor looks like leaked possible Nexus 5 mystery squared thing. Interesting indeed.

Hail To Censor? Sorry, I'm tired, this one isn't very good at all.

My only concern with the fingerprint sensor is how recessed it is and how it will affect the design of protective cases that will be made for it.

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Soooo... Will Apple try and sue over the fingerprint sensor? I bet they will try, even though Apple stole the idea from the Motorola Atrix, other than that it looks amazing

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Yup, what he said ^^^^^^^^^! Plus why didn't they hide the fingerprint sensor in that wasted HTC logo on the front! That is definitely the worse design ever. The two buttons are annoying as crap. If they wanted the HTC logo on the front they could have put it on either of the speaker grills? The holes are so tiny that you wouldn't even notice.


I've learnt to love the two button set up, it's not really a major annoyance to be honest. Besides, it's such a small issue in an otherwise utterly amazing phone.

Posted via Android Central App using the brilliant HTC One. Also I like bananas.

My wife loves her Htc one not once have I ever heard her complain about the button setup once you use the phone for a couple days you get use to it.

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Maybe its an NFC sensor. They would have to do something like that to get through the metal casing. Interesting indeed.....

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The one and one max's NFC chip is in the black circle around the camera lens, is deffo a fingerprint sensor had been confirmed in software leaks.

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I think it's actually a notification light for when the phone is laying with its screen face down

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Just because apple puts a fingerprint reader on their phones, doesn't mean everyone has to follow suit. I don't know anyone who cares about having that tech on their phone.

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Yes, and so was the iPhone. I don't recall hearing about the fingerprint reader until just recently.

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Yeah I know about the Atrix, but did Motorola have a following that thought they were God like Apple does?

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I just know I'm going to see someone with an iPhone 5s at work in a couple months and they're going to say hey I can unlock my phone with my fingerprint. And I'm going to say, oh yeah you use that a lot right? And he'll say no, just the first day or two. Then he'll say can your phone multitask like this? And I'll say, yeah for 2 years.

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I don't know what you mean by hypothetical straw. I do know iPhone users love to show off. At least the ones I know.

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Your implication seemed to be that HTC was somehow copying Apple or attempting to jump on the fingerprint reader bandwagon. I am saying your implication is dumb.

If this isn't released before Xmas then HTC might have just lost my custom to Samsung. I really want to compare the Max to the Note 3. Sony is already out of the running.

Why put a fingerprint sensor on the BACK of the phone? Think about it. You go to unlock your phone and it becomes next to impossible to do it with your thumb while looking at the screen. You could only really use your index or middle finger and feel for the sensor. Very awkward.

How is it awkward if your index or middle finger are already on the back of the phone and you use them to unlock it. Seems natural.

The G2 put the buttons on the back for this very reason, your finger naturally rest there. The location is perfect but I think they need a feature like the G2 knock on to wake the phone so you won't need to pick it up to wake.

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My Fujitsu Android phone has a fingerprint sensor on the back, it's REALLY convenient. It's clicky so acts as a screen lock/unlock button, so hold your phone normally, press the sensor to unlock the screen then immediately swipe your (index etc) finger, and screen is unlocked.

I think a huge phone like the Max would benefit too, having the sensor on the front for the thumb would probably force the user to move the phone around in the hand to reach the sensor, while having it at the back allows the user to keep holding the phone the same way and just swipe.

"Metal back"? I thought when the first leaks came out they said it had a plastic back. Did everybody forget that?

Last week all the Android fans were making fun of fingerprint scanners, now it's cool LOL.

This needs to be more than just a big phone, otherwise it will be a bust! But I will add that they got the bezels right on this compared to the oversized One.

That's what it is. Just a big phone with similar spec to the galaxy mega 6.3.
With better screen 1980 x 1080, 1.7ghz, 2gb ram

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It is not similar to the galaxy mega AT ALL. The mega is a giant mid range phone with mid range specs. The One Max is a top tier device with the latest and greatest snapdragon 800. That's a 2.3 Ghz quad core processor

Those are rumors, as well as mine, but according to some dog on the net, there is pic of the spec which stated 1.7ghz 2gb ram. We'll see.

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Granted, without holding the phones side-by-side I can't be sure, but the bezels on my One look the same size as on the Maxx.

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I'm holding my One in my hand right now and the bezels are WAY bigger. The One is a smaller phone overall though

Yea I have the red/blue tint issue. Rumors are that it will be fixed with the new 4.3 update

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Assuming this comes w a phat battery this might finally be the phone to convince me to give up on the DNA.

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This is the NSA way of getting our collective fingerprints on their servers without our knowledge? or should I say ineptly with our knowledge of use! Do'h! Homer does it again!!

If the HTC had a micro SD card and if the HTC company was not on the edge of Bankruptcy I would consider also getting another HTC product of this type! my last HTC HD2 was a magnificent phone of which I still use for trying and testing my ROMs that I create and support on XDA Developers, if only the HTC development team was smart enough to bring support for internal sd cards?, this type of thinking is the same as Apple having to much control once the product is in the hands of the consumer!, for 60% of consumers that is fine, but 40% of us who develop additional Apps or hardware it is NOT!...and besides internal sd card support is an easy and cheap way of the consumer to extend their memory!'s a no brainer for anyone on either end of the debate on it!

I was so hyped up and committed to purchase the hTC ONE MAX until these rendering start showing up... Maybe the design has already grown old to my eyes... plus rumored that it will not come with Snapdragon 800, but with S600.. I might not be getting this anymore..