The HTC One M8 will be $100 off tomorrow from

HTC is running a Mother's Day promotion where its flagship HTC One M8 will be offered for half off. The One M8 will be sold through HTC's online store for just $99, down from the usual $199 asking price, with a two-year contract through carrier partners AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.

The deal is good from 12:01 AM through 11:59 PM Central Time on May 8. The promotional price is good for both new and eligible upgrading customers.

Unfortunately, moms who subscribe to T-Mobile won't be able to get this deal, nor will the unlocked or developer editions of the One M8 be available for that reduced price.


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The HTC One M8 will be $100 off tomorrow from


The HTC One M8 was $99 on Verizon last week.

Will HTC match that price and knock off another $100? (making it free!)

Didn't think so.... :(

Wish they dropped the price for the Unlocked/Dev editions as well... Launched at $650, now $700. I would def upgrade my m7 if I could grab one for $550!

I might be in if they offer free 2 day shipping.
otherwise its like everything else I do for my mom. just an IOU!

I sure am since I bought one on day 1 and got one free which I promptly sold for $700. :-)
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Got mine Monday from Best Buy for 99 on Verizon price match. It's Gold and it's all mine! I love it.

Posted by my very happy Samsung Tab Pro 12.2, which I also got on sale;)

Thanks for the information. It turns out that it's available on Verizon for $99.99, on AT&T for $169.99, and not at all on Sprint through Costco. :-(

I got the bogo for 199 and went back for a price adjustment since its been less than a month. I got 100 back!!! Two m8s for 99 bucks!!!!!

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I called HTC and asked about the lack of availability on Sprint. The lady said, "if it says it's sold out than it probably is sold out" and said the Sprint store would not be offering the sale price and would charge $199.99. She wasn't particularly friendly and I hung up feeling disappointed.

I couldn't buy one at 1:00 AM CDT because was undergoing maintenance and HTC couldn't communicate with them, and then they were sold out at 9:00 AM CDT when I tried again. Nice marketing!