Just in case you somehow haven't seen this phone yet, it's the new HTC One. Also known as the M8. It's one hell of a phone. And, of course, it comes in a box. And because it comes in a box, we shall be forced to "unbox" it, by which we take it out of the box, show you what's in the box and then continue on our merry way.

There is, however, one wrinkle here. In addition to the usual in-box items, such as a charger and a SIM tool and earbuds and papers with words on them, this UK version of the HTC One also comes with a sleek TPU case. So there's that. Anyhoo. Loads more HTC One to come today. Stay tuned.


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HTC One M8 unboxing and hands-on


Why can't the us version come with a tpu? That is definitely a great looking phone.

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Does this mean that it's officially known as the m8? That was on some of the papers and I don't recall seeing m7 for the 2013 model.

I can see why HTC has lost nearly 109% of profit year over year with these snooze-inducing designs.

I'll take a Touchwiz Sammy any day tyvm.

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Yea I mean who would want a sleek metal uni-body design over plastic dimpled band-aid looking design?

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At the HTC event today in NYC they indeed called it the HTC One M8. I've been using it all day, it is a wonderful phone! I love the design tweaks and darker gray color as well.

I'll get mine tomorrow as I ordered the space gray from at&t. Hope mine comes with a case too.

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Got mine at Verizon today. I missed out on last years model but I have to say I'm glad I waited for this one

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Hah. It comes with a TPU case? That's just rich.

People claim they want "premium aluminum", and then proceed to cover it up, because otherwise the metal gets dented and scratched to all hell, just like Phil's review unit from the earlier video *snicker*. For HTC to include the case themselves says a lot.

Does anyone know if the US verizon version will come with those headphones and the case? (Thanks for nothing LG!!)

You want an all metal phone so you can put a plastic case on it...

This is why I love my s3. It's lightweight and thin, so you can put any kind of case on it.

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I have an s4, at first it was lightning fast. 4 months later this thing is a stutter machine. Smh. I hope the s5 doesn't have that issue. I'm feeling the m8 but I would miss certain features. Plus that download booster is clutch. I keep hearing about last year's one and its battery life problem. So I'm stuck in between.

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Im with that many crave that metal build but when they get it like the HTC M7 and now again with the M8 they slap on a PLASTIC case. Then they criticise the likes of Samsung and Lg and others for their builds hmmm now that is very odd indeed.
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What's the hype about the #m8? Is it made of #unobtainium? I know the #gs5 wasn't a spaceship made at #Area51 but specs & consistency #damn

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