HTC One M8

A quick snippet of information has been delivered by @evleaks this morning regarding a new color variant of the HTC One M8 and a possible destination. No images, just the message that a red version is headed the way of Verizon.

It's not the first time we've heard reports of a red – and indeed a blue – HTC One M8 being made available, and given HTC's previous efforts with the M7, it's entirely plausible. As for when, well, that we don't know. This talk of red make you think about holding out for it over one of the launch colors?

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HTC One M8 might turn up in red on Verizon


I would love to see a matt black version with red inserts (the 10% inserts).
That would be absolute class a bit like the droid DNA theme (I still think that phone looks sick).

That would be a beautiful phone. I had the Droid DNA that was black with red accents. It looked awesome.

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I was going to try to hold out for Sprint to release a red version like they did on the M7 but they made me an offer I couldn't refuse so I have a Gunmetal Grey. Looks like I would have been waiting for nothing anyway! :)

Personally, I'm not interested in the red, but I'd hold out for the Harman Kardon audio edition, which @evleaks said is coming to the Sprint.

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Verizon is still trying to find a way to disable Google Wallet Tap-n-Pay in 4.4.

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The only thing that stopped me from getting the red M7 was the SnapDragon 600.

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