Gold HTC One (M8)

One major retailer claims orders delivering by then

With all the focus – and the pictures – having been on the Gunmetal Gray HTC One (M8) during yesterdays launch events, it's easy to forget there are two other colors available. While Silver is already in stock, the gold seems more elusive at present. Carphone Warehouse in the UK says that orders for the gold phone are expected to be delivered by April 7.

Rival retailer, Phones 4U, is also selling the gold HTC One (M8) but is claiming a longer lead time of 3-4 weeks on delivery. So if this is your preferred choice, you'll have to wait a little while. While you're waiting, be sure to check out our photo gallery from the event in London!

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Source: Carphone Warehouse

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I always thought of gold colored electronics tacky. Like animal print furniture. Who would want it?

fuzzylumpkin says:

Exception, anything legend of Zelda themed!

Although it is pretty...

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Habiib says:

I'm kinda confused. In most of the review clips I've seen, the gold color actually looks like that of copper.

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Runell A says:

Any word if any of the Canadian carriers will carry this?

NesuD says:

Manager of my local Verizon store told me the gold version was scheduled to be in his store April 10th when I was getting mine on launch day.

fuzzylumpkin says:

Obviously we're three days closer to Taiwan than you are :p

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birdman_38 says:

Looks sharp.

Xristopher B says:

ugh, why?? Gold devices (even the iPhone) are so uber tacky.

fuzzylumpkin says:

It's pretty as far as gold goes... But I'd rather the gunmetal!

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h0ruza#AC says:

No thanks I'll go for the DeLorean flux capacitor M8.