HTC One M8

First round of nightlies ready for flashing

If you're ready to rid yourself of HTC Sense 6 on your M8, you now have a chance to give CyanogenMod a spin. The free and open-source version of CM has hit nightly status for the metal-clad HTC flagship, and the builds are currently available at the CM downloads site.

Be warned, that as nightly versions there will be issues to work out. You are doing the community testing for the builds, and should be prepared to submit bug reports and do your part to make things better. Don't worry, though, usually these are pretty complete and alpha/beta testing is often a lot of fun.

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Isn't it sense six

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eszklar says:

Sense 5??

EDIT: guess Jerry caught that and changed to Sense 6.

ironbesterer says:

Fail.... Sense 5 is soooo two years ago.

jeddo45 says:

Relax folks. I'm sure you all got the point. A little mistake...

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hotkoko says:

What's a cyanogenmod on my m8 and what can I do with it??? Should I download it?

jeddo45 says:

Cyanogenmod is a third party solution to getting a rooted version of Stock Android on your device. Its for people who like the build quality of their phone, but prefer Stock Android.

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hotkoko says:

So I downloaded it, now how do I use it?

jeddo45 says:

If I am not mistaken, you should just need to download the Cyanogenmod installer on to your computer, and your phone, both are available on the website. Follow all the instructions, and it should install it for you.

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joshnoodle98 says:

Sadly, the M8 currently doesn't have their quick install. You have to go through bootloader and recovery to install it (as I just did) Instructions are available here:

Also, as it is alpha, there is a lot of things missing that you got used to on stock m8, like swipe to unlock, but hopefully they will add soon.

Custom recovery, do you speak it?

churro#WN says:

Why not take gpe and add your mods?

hotkoko says:

Soooo, again, how do I use it????

Zahl says:

I recommend you don't until you have a complete understanding of what a bootloader, root, rom, unlocking and void warranty are

Do a little research like everybody else. Its called Google.

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Why anybody would want to dork their phone with CM is beyond me... Back in the day, sure, but nowadays, hell no.

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