24-carat gold HTC One M8

Today is Samsung's day. The brand-new Samsung Galaxy S5 launched today around the globe, taking away some of the attention that the HTC One M8 has enjoyed over the past two weeks. Not one to let an opportunity slip by, and knowing that T-Mobile CEO John Legere is a compulsive sharer on Twitter, HTC sent the chatty exec a shiny new HTC One M8 wrapped in a brilliant 24-carat gold finish.

The previous HTC One M7 also came in a gold-plated model, though it was only available limited markets and understandably would set you back a few thousand dollars without adding anything to the phone other than a heavier high-gloss gold finish.

While the HTC One M8 does come in a gold anodized finish (as did it's predecessor), according to TechView.me the gold-plated One M8 is exclusively destined for the Middle East. Unless you happen to be a carrier CEO with a penchant for oversharing.

Source: @JohnLegere and a major tip of the hat to the ever-awesome @nisher with the pic!


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The HTC One M8 comes in 24-carat gold too — just ask John Legere


Good to know where all of our oil money goes.....to buy gold-plated shit for a-holes in the Middle East.

I agree, he's the CEO of a major US carrier, I'm sure perks like this are given to others in similar postions world wide, amd I have no problems with it. Celebs get more just to show up at events.

Just because he is a legit boss doesn't mean he cannot be an a hole

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

He also doesn't get our oil money. Did you miss this part: "...the gold-plated One M8 is exclusively destined for the Middle East..."

Reading is fundamental.

We don't get all our oil from the Middle East, just some of it. No kidding. I knew that. However, that doesn't change the point that those that are rich in the Middle East largely get their money from oil. The point stands.

See and I thought HTC made money selling phones, silly me :S
Pretty sure the Middle East got their own oil though, until it's 'found' on a peace mission, of course.

The point of this is exactly? Oh because some idiot believes that by owning a 24ct gold plated htc m8 is above everyone else. Hmmm well wealth and value is a man made concept, and of all the things going on in the world today this is the least important infact it just proves a point.

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Please don't talk on the phone while driving, you could blind someone with that phone.

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I like flashy phones, I guess. The gold-plated One, Porsche Design BlackBerry, Swarovski Note 3, etc. all look great to me. I'd never buy one, though.

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That makes it different that the retail One? How?

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

All jokes aside it's kinda hard to say this isn't a nice piece. wear all black or all white when using it and you'll see.