HTC One M7 with Sense 6

The unlocked and developer editions of the HTC One M7 are getting an update to install Sense 6 today. The update comes after Canadian One M7 owners received an update to do the same earlier this week. The update weighs in at 668MB and brings a lot of what we've come to love about Sense 6 on the HTC One M8 to the year-old original One.

In addition to a user interface that has been overhauled across the device, the update also brings a refined Blinkfeed, overhauled camera app, and more. Sense 6 also moves the apps into Google Play so HTC can update them without having to push a complete system update for the device.

Updates for the US carrier versions of the HTC One M7 are still showing as being in the certification phase (testing by the carrier, HTC, and more), the final step before deployment to customers. Considering how long the carriers can sometimes take to manage update certifications, it might be a while.

Once you unlocked and developer edition HTC One M7 owners have downloaded the update, let us know what you think!

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HTC One M7 unlocked and developer editions getting Sense 6 today!


My UK Unlocked M7 still has no updates available :-( Looks like the UK page says they're still on the "Integration" stage. Article makes it sound like the update is available everywhere, US isn't the world remember!

I did read the article, and not once does it specify the region. US carriers not getting the update yet, sure. But not for the unlocked and dev versions.

Pretty awesome, good job HTC.

Samsung, your turn. follow the MOTO lead and put parts of TW in the play store

Downloading right now. This has been a big improvement for HTC as far as phone support and updates goes. Proud of them.

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These rapid updates are a great incentive/advertisement for purchasing a unlocked or developer edition directly from HTC rather than getting a carrier subsidized version. Hopefully more people will start buying direct and put pressure on the wireless carriers to dump the bloat and speed up the updates. Personally, I'll never buy a carrier subsidized handset again.

For the last update we carrier people got the update first. More specifically Sprint.

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One would think that the carriers would compete to see who can get it out first sense this is purely on them now

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Anyone else having problems downloading the update? Mine is getting hung up and I get a "download corrupted" error.

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Loaded fine on my US 32GB factory unlocked. The only hiccup was I had to remove and re-add my exchange account because it wouldn't sync my contacts.

Samsung your turn! Bring the new Touchwiz from the GS5 to the Note 3.

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Great job HTC!

Though I'm already running a Sense 6 custom ROM. If you guys wanna know how it's like, you won't be disappointed. It's a big improvement.

I was just about to say, any improvements with sense 6 ?! Is the battery life better and have they included icelandia theme in the video highlights ?!

There is some improvement in battery life, overall performance improvements and some new features.

Then again, I'm using a custom ROM, so it might be slightly different for you guys.

Sense 6 out on M7 / T-Mobile USA... Downloaded and so far so good!! I love it!

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Im sorry if my question is dummy but im new in android world

Does the root deny/delay the update?

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I got my Sense 6 update last night when I called T-Mobile about another issue. So far so good.

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Don't really know Klaudio. Sorry. Do you have a US or Canadian unlocked device or US T-Mobile?

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Thnx well in fact i have an europian version i guesd ill just wait....i really want it cuz many are saying great battery life

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