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If you're rocking a HTC One M7, and you're in Europe then you might want to start looking for an update to Sense 6 that could be headed your way. We're hearing reports that unlocked devices in various parts of the continent are starting to see the update hit including the UK where we've verified it on our own M7.

You'll want to make sure you're on WiFi when you go ahead and download since it's a hefty one – just under 680MB for us. But for that you'll get the updated look and feel we've seen on the HTC One M8, improvements to Blinkfeed, the camera and gallery apps, the new Extreme Power Saving mode and a bunch more.

If you're seeing the update for yourselves, drop us a line in the comments and let us know where you are!


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HTC One M7 getting Sense 6 update in some parts of Europe


I am stuck on 2.0 MB. It hangs like that for a while and then it says my update is corrupt and I should download again. I guess the servers are on fire.

I had this problem until I read somewhere to switch out the sim card. Did that and problem solved. Good luck!

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I am able to download the update, but via mobile data only. When I turn on my wifi - it stops downloading. If I start downloading via wifi - it hangs on 2 MB. Even the "downloading" icon is missing from the notification bar. Mystery...

Apparently the sense 6 update reapply improves battery life and the overall user experience.

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I'm in Portugal and I got the update on my unlocked M7, but like many here I'm stuck on 2 mb too, I tried to download it with Hotspot shield on but it only delayed the inevitable, the download stopped at 3%. I'll try to download it tomorrow.

Can i get the update if im with twerp recovery?if not how to get me my custom cuz im new on android and i dont know many stuff

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Hi..I'm from srilanka too...but I didn't get the update yet...can I know with which sim you got the update?...thanks for the info..

Wanted to update the phone, but the update stuck at 2.0 mb. This was 3 hours ago. Tried to restart/force close "updater" but without luck. Now I can't find the update. Maybe due to overload they postponed the update.

HTC have really nailed it on the update! Improved my phone by miles! One thing that annoyed me was you couldn't change the font now you can!

The update appeared on my phone but I couldn't download it(in Romania).Now the update doesn't show up anymore,does anybody have the same problem?

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The same to me in Sweden!After I try serval times download unsuccessful corrupted now doesn't show anymore the update.

Same for me in Sweden. Earlier today it showed that the update was available, but now this evening there is no update. Maybe they revoked it for some reason or they're having some problems with the servers.

Şi eu am aceeasi problemă, am sunat la Htc şi au spus că a fost o problemă cu server-ul şi că încearcă să remedieze

Bought mine on 24/04, it kitkat appeared then. Take it back good sir and punch the salesman

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I'm in Pakistan but I have an HTC one m7 on EE
do you have any idea when the 4.4 update is arriving??

I also have an Vodafone HTC One, in Romania too, but no update. A few hours ago I was notified about the update, and it stuck at 2Mb several times. Now the updater tells me that I'm up to date.

same problem on my htc one unloked version ...Romania......stuck at 2 Mb for 30 minutes. After restart the updater tells me " i'm up to date ".....

Still nowt in UK on EE. So what's the real benefit of this update, no tap to wake so it's just a few screen colour changes and what not??? (I hid behind the rock waiting on a barrage of responses telling me the update is the dogs dangly bits...)

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I'm from Romania, owner of HTC One (Vodafone). 2 days ago I've received the update, at some point it got stuck, I got the message that the file is corrupted and since then the updater tells me that the phone is up to date. I've talked with someone from HTC, they told me to do a Hard Reset, and it should work after. I did the factory reset in all the possible ways I knew, updater still tells that the phone is up to date. Tried to clear cache for Updater in Setting->Apps->All (restart after), the issue is still there. Tried to do the update without the sim card, same issue.
Did someone found another method that worked ? :D

I have tried everything but I think we should just wait,I am on Vodafone too.We should get it in a few days.

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I'm in UK and I've got 4.4.2 for my htc one m7 but the htc sence still 5.5 I'm still waiting for the htc sence 6 nothing appeared and I'm using 3 network

somebody please help me.i,ve got sense 6 update to my htc one.when it done and got to 100% it says your downloaded files are corrupted,please download again.what should i do pleaseeeeeeeeeee

Hi, just downloaded and installed Sense 6.0 in Indonesia couple of days ago. Want to ask for those that have updated, do your sense 6.0 have "motion gestures" capability? Because mine doesnt. Bummer.

I was hoping that HTC would implement motion gestures to sense 6.0 M7 as well, doesn't really understand why they didn't.

Hi there, Got HTC sense 6 update today for my unlocked HTC One m7 here in Stockholm, Sweden. Exploring ... Didn't have any problem downloading or installing .... Happy so far ...

Same problem. I have very week signal since the update. Sopke to HTC CS but they are useless and said I have to book my phone in so they can have a look.

i am using HTC one max which is imported from Germany but at the moment i am in Sri Lanka. i received the notification of sense 6 updates and i downloaded it completely. when i try to install it doesnt allow me to install. A err message is popping up and it says "FAIL". :( can anybody help me?

i am using rooted HTC one max which is imported from Germany but at the moment i am in Sri Lanka. i received the notification of sense 6 updates and i downloaded it completely. when i try to install it doesnt allow me to install. A err message is popping up and it says "FAIL". :( can anybody help me?