HTC One is purty. We had a contest for a 64GB HTC One Developer Version phone. Phil then threw in a couple of Nexus 4s because there were so many awesome entries. You were excited, we were excited, everyone was just excited. Then some stuff happened, people tried to cheat, and made the whole thing less fun that it started out to be. In any case, we persevered and Lloyd has chosen some winners for these fantastic phones. Check out the entries below to see who won the phones!

Grand Prize: 64GB HTC One Developer Version - AnAm85


Runner-up: Nexus 4 - Rey Ford


Runner-up: Nexus 4 - misterasset

Congratulations winners, we will be in touch soon with info on claiming your prize. Thanks to everyone that entered! You're all winners in our book. If you didn't win this time, don't be discouraged. There is always another contest just around the corner!

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Congrats to the winners.

kevincheung1 says:

Congratulations to the winners! They deserve those phones!

Adrian0E says:

Well, I did not won! I wasn't expected to, though...

Congratulations to the winners, enjoy your prize! :)

(Finally I can make my video private again, hehe)

major payne says:

Congrats AnAm85 I hope you enjoy the phone.

Congrats folks!

gmurphy0487 says:

Congrats winners!!! Enjoy! The nexus 4 is awesome!!

Congratulations guys, you earned your Prizes. Stay strong, Love more Hate less... Especially after recent events.

jfs101 says:

Very glad than AnAm85 won! A truly inspiration of loving life to the fullest. Congrats to the other winners as well.

randyw says:

Congrats to the winners. Enjoy.

Adamsville says:

Rey Ford's video was nice. I lmao'd when I was that phone.

congrats to the winners

congratulations to the winners, now I can delete my video :) android central congratulation for making their joy.

AnAm85 says:

I want to thank Android Central for giving me the chance to win this device! This will definetly keep me busy during chemo and times when I'm in the hospital! I will be making a video when I receive it so look out for it!

Thank you also to everyone who has supported me and given me words of hope and kindness throughout the last week and a half! God bless you all!

-Kyle L. aka AnAm85

chuckh0308 says:

I just watched your video for the first time. Yes, you do "deserve" it. Enjoy it and stay strong!

JJDigitized says:

Congratulations Kyle! Enjoy the device, and know that you've got a lot of supporters on AndroidCentral pulling for you through your journey.

Good luck and God bless!

Now I can sleep.

misterasset says:

Congratulations to everyone who entered. I watched a lot (but not all, there were so many) of the videos and they were highly entertaining. I've never won an internet contest before and a Nexus 4 at that! Too cool!

Thanks again,
Chris =)
HTC One Evangelist =P

kendroid66 says:

Hey guys. ....where is my post

Murphy5111 says:

Nice. Congrats Kyle!

kendroid66 says:

Hey Phil, I posted my opinion and for some strange reason it's gone........I wonder why....

anthonok says:

So glad he got the HTC one. Deserves it more than anyone

exibitsman 1 says:

Congrats AnAm85 you deserve it hope you and your
Son best of luck.

heat3610 says:

Congrats winners!!

ZigmunD says:

Congrats to winners! Glad to see people around the world joined the contest with their videos. That was interesting.

bevcraw says:

Congrats to the winners. Have fun with your phones.

zdez50 says:

Awesome.....Awesome winners!!! AC made me feel better.

cizzlen says:

I don't know the winners but I'm glad they were fortunate enough to win. Congrats to all of them :)

adazamim says:

Million congratulations to the winners.

Congratulations, Kyle. You deserve this, my friend.
stay positive and keep the spirit.
Wishing you a full and fast recovery.

AnAm85 says:

I want to say thank you to all the kind words and positive, motivating encouragement! ;)

Derek_B says:

Congratulations to the winners!

Floss82 says:

Congratulations to all the winners especially AnAm85 stay strong and positive my friend. Hope you enjoy your shiny new HTC One because i will be getting it this week from T-Mobile:) and i know i will to. Peace!

AnAm85 says:


Congrats to all the winners, especially AnAm85. It took a lot to share your families story like that.

Here is to many, many years of Android use to you and yours!

Congratulations guys. I didn't win this time, well luck is never my thing but I always participate with the hope of winning. Maybe, maybe next time :P well, maybe *sigh*


Congrats to the winners!!!!!

hodan says:

Way to chip in with some extra prizes! Huge! Rock on AC!
Gratz winners :)

ronzkie21 says:

Wow AnAm85! Hats off to you my friend. You totally deserve it. I wish you and your son better things in the future.

gigis83 says:

Congratulations to the winner. Guess I give in and upgrade now 4 months of contests I see an s2 coming soon. It's free so it's a win.

deadlock4400 says:

@Michelle Haag thank you for the post.

Congratulation winner. best of luck. wish the best best of who didn't win also.

Thanks in Advance

jimbo says:

The videos were very creative and interesting to view.

I'm pleased AC chose the well deserved winners.

The others were not really loosers, either. All participants; well done!

Great contest - AC.

Tsinuasop1 says:

Congratulations, to the winners and all the participants! And thanks to AC for this contest.

Great videos congratulations all!

Paul627g says:

Congrats to the winners :D

bgbagz says:

Congrats to the winners!!!! @AnAm85 stay strong!!!!!!!!!!!

Misopogon says:

Congratulations to the winners, who all clearly deserved the phones.

He's too classy to say anything about it, but I'm pretty bummed my brother didn't get at least an honorable mention for this: I get that they wanted to get the phones to people who needed them more, and that's totally cool. But even when counting my obvious biases I can't see how he wasn't at least given credit by the authors when this was the only video keeping pace with the cheaters in the fan vote.

Ah well. At least I got some free cookies out of the deal. Amazing how many takes that scene required.

lhtbinh1909 says:

Mayybe you'll never read it but congra Kyle.
Best wishes for you and your family.

Yep, those are great videos! Congratulations to the three winners! Fun contest all around, lets do it again!!!

aca_041 says:

wow congrats! hope i win the next contest! :)

Rey Ford says:

Wow! I can't believe I won! I never win anything, Thank you Android Central!
And I will stay true to my word and learn how to code and port/make an awesome android app!