HTC One Series Car Dock app

We snagged a few minutes with the all-new car dock app on the HTC One series phones. Let's not beat around the bush here -- it's easily the best car app we've seen on an Android smartphone, bar none.

HTC Car Dock DongleYou start off with our favorte feature -- a plugless dock. There are four connecting pins on the back of the phone that hook things up to the dock without having to fumble with a plug. If you've never used a dock like that before, it takes all of the guesswork out of it -- and that's a must while driving.

Once you're connected, the car app automatically launches. Within the app, you've got a cube motif -- not unlike what you might see in an Android launcher, actually. With it, you can easily swipe between navigation, your contacts list and phone, the music app, Tune-in Radio (which is included) -- and, as HTC told us, other third-part apps shoud work with it out of the box as well. But HTC's own apps are so well-done that you might hesitate to use something else. The buttons are large and extremely easy to see and press -- just about the best we've seen. The UI is bright and clear of distraction. Audio will stream to your car stereo via Bluetooth. Don't have Bluetooth? No worries. A dongle that plugs into your aux port will take care of that.

Check out the video of it in action after the break. As of now, our only real question is this: When can we get it?

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HTC One car dock and app the best vehicle experience yet


That is one thing I keep thinking we need is some form of bluetooth plugin for our car aux ports. It is safer for hands free driving. You do not have as many cords clogging up your path to the gear shift.

Are there any dongles like this available outside of the HTC One line? I could really use one for my GNex and my roommate's *cough* iPhone.

Will check it out. Thanx alot.

Out of curiousity, since I am not a bluetooth junkie, I have a Motorola handsfree bluetooth device on car visor. Can the miccus be connected to both at the same time?

I just dont understand why HTC still cant make a phone with a camera yhat fits in it. Just left them for an sgs2 and cant see going back anytime soon.

The rep said it was still a prototype and that the pins weren't in that demo model. I hope they don't run into the same issues that Samsung has with their car/desktop docks for the GNex. It's a shame to have to wait for accessories.

Great feature!!! Too bad useless if you have a case. Taking case on and off 10 times a day would be a giant PITA.

that's what I thought too but I got the car dock for my Epic touch and taking the phone quickly out of my ballistics case (slides right now for the most part) is less cumbersome and annoying than having to try and fit it in a generic car dock while picking the wires that are dangling everywhere and hooking those up too.

I like having the dock so much that I don't think I'd buy a phone that didn't have one like this.

Considering the whole "Nexus" experience bull shit on my Nexus S 4G hasn't been any different than any other phone I am strongly considering the HTC One X if it comes to Sprint instead of the Galaxy Nexus. It isn't like I will be getting updates any later or anything.

Reality check: yes you will get updates later with the One X.

The Nexus S 4g will still get ICS as an upgrade well before any other device on Sprint. Also, Google has already updated the GSM version of the Nexus S. i.e. Sprint is the hold up.

Also, why wait? Flash Peter Alfonso's latest Bugless Beast and you won't regret it:

It's almost completely stock, includes gapps, 100% functional Google Wallet, great battery life, etc. In other words, it's better than the eventual OTA update from Sprint. He supports unlockable Google Experience devices only which should include the Sprint Galaxy Nexus.

IMO this is the one thing the smart phones of today need - a powered mount. I used to work for Garmin & it was such a nice feature on the devices.

I like this but my nitpick would be the suction cup on the window thing. They invariably work for about a month, then lose effectiveness. I much prefer the beanbag type mount holder. Can it fit into something like that?

Also, I would hope that any case would uncover the pin holes? Sorry, I ALWAYS protect my phones with a case so if it doesn't, this isn't going to work.

One more thing......AT&T exclusive? Groan. Bring it to Verizon, please!

But wow. This IS beautiful. Put some Voice capability onto this and it may even make me reconsider Verizon. Who needs a clear phone signal anyway?

This is one reason why I really don't mind Sense. HTC does really try to improve the UX in places, and here's a shining example.

I just want that Bluetooth dongle!!! There is nothing available that's comparable in size or lack of cables (which is actually quite surprising).

Maybe we'll get lucky and the HTC dongle will pair with ANY bluetooth device. (I just hope we don't have to buy the whole darn dock to get it... which, of course, we will).

That said, I wonder how that dongle is getting its power?

Me too. I hope I can get this for my Rezound. Looks like a micro USB port on the dongle, must be rechargable.

I got the car dock for my Galaxy Nexus a year ago and its awesome! Samsung has it for sale and i got it. The 3-pin dock is awesome!

This is for the entire range of One's? (I know that sounds like mathematical contradiction)
Its about time some manufacturers took the accessory business a little more seriously.

I hope they sell the bluetooth adapter as an accessory by itself. I have a Rezound with the OEM car mount and love it, other than having to run an AUX cable up to the dash to get audio into my car stereo for calls and music.

This is nice and all... BUT!

I've had this in the distant past when I used the mighty Google Nexus One! Even the tiny connection dots on the back and car dock where almost identical!

So, however cool this might be for some, there's nothing new really!


I am on my second Motorola dock that uses no wires to the phone. Droid2 and Droid3. Both drop right in and plug into the micro USB port. I have even used them with covers on the phone without removing the cover.

The only thing new here is the (maybe provided) bluetooth adapter for the radio.

I "was" going to wait for the SGSIII to come out.. but nah, I'm sold HTC. I like this phone too much to care, so much, I am not even bothered to wait for the SGSIII to be announced. And about the whole Tegra 3 vs Exynos gibberish, it's all the same. Plus I am sick of my SGS's plastic feel which I can only assume Samsung won't be changing any time soon. Kudos to people who do wait, I just won't be one of them, I doubt i'll miss out on much at all and i'm about due a good satnav, especially one I can control music from = win.

Having a Nexus One I really like the contact pins feature.... too bad I need to take the phone out of the case to fit it on the dock
I was looking for these pins first thing when the leaked pictures came to light... no pins for OneS ????
C'mon, HTC you really need to standardize this feature so it would fit all your phones!!
(Nexus one just have 3 pins, GND, Power, and a Data. Not sure what each of the 5 pins are for in this OneX)

I hope HTC doesn't just have this feature on the X, since I prefer the size of the S.

And this makes me wonder why more phones can't just use inductive charging. You wouldn't have to worry about the pins lining up either and could still use a case with a powered universal dock if need be.

The camera bulge is so sad, and even sadder that there won't be an extended battery that will allow the camera to be flush with the back.

I agree, Motorola has had docks like this for a couple of years now. The only cool new thing is the radio bluetooth dongle. Have they never used or seen the Moto docks for most of the droid phones? I can't live without mine.

Hey what are you talking about saying that the NEXUS S that isn't the 4G model has already gotten its update? I have a NEXUS S that isn't the 4G model and neither me or my wife's NEXUS S have received the ICS UPDATE. Am I missing something or are you mistaken?

Very nice video, its about time we see manufactures paying attention on accessories as well and this is must for us who drive.

Thanks AC.