HTC and carriers announce on-contract availability on Optus, Telstra, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile

The HTC One is headed down under, and pre-orders start as early as April 5, and general availability is stated to be April 23. Prices and details are outlined below.

Telstra: With a 2-year contract at $60 per month, you'll have a $10 monthly handset payment. The full cost off contract is $768. Customers who pre-register before April 23 will receive a free set of Beats Solo headphones. The registration page is here.

Optus: With a 2-year contract at $60 per month, you will have a $3 monthly handset payment. Optus pre-orders start April 5.

Vodafone: With a 2-year contract at $60 per month, you will have a $5 monthly handset payment. Vodafone has the HTC One listed on their site here, but the pre-order button is currently disabled. Vodafone is also offering the Beats Solo bonus for pre-orders.

Virgin Mobile: The $59 monthly 2-year contract comes with a $3 monthly handset payment. Their pre-order page is here, but as of now it is disabled.

Now that we know the dates and prices, are any of our Aussie readers ready to buy? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Ausdroid


Reader comments

HTC One Australian availability announced


I'd rather just buy it out right and go on one of the many prepaid plans around that are way cheaper.

But that being said I'm a nexus boy any as much as I love the hardware I wont buy one I just wish HTC would do the next nexus phone and make it this quality because I really love the hardware

Really wanted this phone but got sick of waiting. Bought the newXperia Z and love it. HTC missed out on my money. Old saying, you snooze, you lose.
Really can't see myself going back toHTC now.

Already ordered through Handtec in the UK. Total cost plus shipping is about $100 less than the outright price here.