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A removable back cover houses the extra goodies, but the battery still remains untouchable

The HTC One is steadily making its way into hands around the world, and the next big launch announcement is for China. The HTC One has been announced for all China's main carriers, but comes slightly customized for the region from its international counterpart. 

Beneath a removable rear cover, the Chinese HTC One houses slots for dual-SIM cards, and for a microSD card to expand the total storage. The battery still remains non-removable however, as it sits in the middle of the device still as on the international variants. 

No carrier subsidized prices have been announced at present, but the One is set to go on sale direct from HTC on Friday, April 26. 

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HTC One announced for China with dual-SIM and microSD support


The sad thing is that it doesn't require a removable back to have SD slot support. In any case, I don't care about SD much anymore, as long as a huge version is available (like 64GB). It is stupid HTC locked that one up with AT&T....

Because of all the censorship in china, people want to keep their business separate from their personal information is what I have read on why china uses dual sim.

it's not only because of censorship, but also because the majority of Chinese dual sim phones support two standards - GSM (WCDMA) and CDMA - each by separate sim

:P Sigh. Please don't jump to conclusion. And dual sim won't help much since they can still be censored if they are under surveillance. On the other hand ... don't think the authorities have the time and effort to put all 1.34 billion people under surveillance at all time.

@Richard Devine thanks for the post.

HTC should add sd card slot all versions of HTC ONE. because sd card is a vital fact for HTC.

Thanks in Advance

I'm glad they did this for the Chinese market. What I'm actually angry about is the fact that they could have a removable back and choose not to have a removable battery! They ALMOST had my money!

Get HTC's c++k out of your mouth. You get pissed off at everybody that isn't head-over-heels for the One. Get over it; you're the one that should stop posting, until you grow the hell up.

As stated in the post. The battery in the One sits in the middle of the device, not at the back as with say the Galaxy S4. So to have a removable battery would mean a different design, and it wouldn't be the HTC One

This is why I didnt buy one. HTC borked this one, if one version could have a micro sd, then they all could have, but instead the gave the better version to the Chinese. So forget that, I'll stick to my N4.

Because they are partnering with Google and sticking to Google's guidelines when it comes to smart phones. Google is pushing (steering) OEM's away from SD cards to promote the cloud, and battery technology is getting better to they are also trying to get away from removeable batteries. HTC is on board, why fault them for that?

Google guidelines.....A big "HTC" logo where the Home button should be?

HTC picks how they make their products, and they chose to do it this way.

No MicroSD card is one less software patent to license from Microsoft, and one more encouragement to add sufficient main memory.

Seriously, 64gig is more than enough for 99.99999 percent of users. I'd be willing to bet 80% of the users whining about no MicroSD cards haven't even come close to filling their main memory, let alone the microsd card.

I just had the EVO 3D, and I did use up most of my 32gb sd card space with the vast music library I have. I use my phone as my mp3 player, since I use public transportation. Not to mention pics and vids. I'm bummed that I can only have some of my music, and only transfer a few pics and vids to my new phone. Otherwise, I'd have no room for new pics or vids. Other than that, I looooooove my One.

While I would prefer the option of a MicroSD card (More options are always better in life) I'd be cool with living within 64gb, if only it were available on other carriers besides just AT&T. As long as that situation remains, everyone else is limited to a 32gb device, and for me, that's just not enough for what I want to do with it.

Google's guidelines are not for the best interest of consumers, but for the best interests of Google. Can I fault them for following their guidelines? No. Doesn't mean I have to like it one bit- Google, and the carriers, want us to use more cloud storage so we use more data, and give everyone more money.

I want my 64gb SD card so I can have all my photos, videos and music available ANYWHERE, without worrying about how much data(and $) I'm consuming to go through all of them.

It's the same thing with batteries- they don't want batteries to be removable so that, when a battery goes bad or loses its ability to hold a proper charge, you have to buy a new phone. They spin it as if it's to create better quality handsets, but that's just a load of bull shit. They can make quality handsets at the same cost with or without a removable battery.

battery technology is getting better .. do you really think that it is getting so good that it does NOT need a replaceable battery? And HTC design does not just make it hard to remove the battery, it makes it hard even for the repair center to replace the battery when it dies in one to two years time. And not everyone replace a phone in one year time. And even if they do, many pass the old handset down to others with just a change of battery ....

Wtf...I made up my mind and decided to actually go with this phone but now I'm thinking I don't want to support HTC anymore with a move like that.
I either wait to see when Tmo gets the 64gb version or give up and end up with only 25gb-give or take a few (after OS and other crap-as shown on store demo) bullsh*t...

I'm curious as to why in China it comes with the SD card slot, but nowhere else? It doesn't make sense that they are following Google's guidelines about using the cloud more but just not in China.

Genuinely curious.

Maybe because the Chinese government can block Google services whenever they want which could be annoying for people using their cloud storage. It's just a guess though...

Everyone who is bent out of shape about this versus the existing One should remember that, as mentioned in a previous post where this was rumored, the removable back and plastic innards mean that the Chinese one is NOT made from a solid block of aluminum (i.e. no unibody construction).

For those of you who value the build quality, that's why no SD card slot--it's a trade off. For me, I'm perfectly content with 32GB and the Cloud and value the build quality more.

What does being on Sprint have to do with anything? The Sprint version is nearly identical to the international version save for CDMA and whatnot. It still has an aluminum unibody construction.

If you were on Sprint, you'd know the answer to that question. Data is so slow in populated areas like NYC or L.A. that streaming your music or videos from the cloud is an unlikely proposition full of frustration. if you want any reasonable size of a music or video collection, larger storage isn't merely a nice option, it's a necessity. Will that change over time as they roll out their LTE to more places? Hopefully. But that's not the situation right now. Additionally, even with other carriers, people might not be on an ulimited plan so they have to watch their data usage. So for those people, additional storage is also a necessity. Neither HTC nor anyone else should be ignoring those situations.

I am on Sprint, have adequate LTE around me, but most importantly 95% of my day I'm saturated with WiFi. But also, given the way I use my devices, 32GB is adequate. I don't need to put every song I own ever on my device at once. Admittedly, for some folks this isn't satisfactory...that's why we have a diversity of devices and consumers can dictate the market. In my case (and that of other One owners) we decided that we valued other features over expandable storage.

Thank you for explaining that. I am in the Orlando area and data has slowed down to a crawl.

As far as carrying every piece of music you own its not even like that. If you are fine with music in mp3 files that are compressed to hell so that you can stream from the cloud through your favorite streaming service to listen on the tinny speaker on the phone that's good. Some of us those like to listen on lossless (or higher bitrate)file types through good audio equipment either being a good stereo or headphones have a problem with that. The "Cloud" does not do well in these situations.

I much prefer the solid aluminum unibody construction over the Chinese version. Anyone who is bent out of shape, should just get over it or go get the laggy, cheap feeling Galaxy S4 instead.

What does it take to get a high end smartphone with dual sims in the US? I can live without the sd, though I prefer to have it, and the dual sim would be awesome. My situation, work and personal numbers, requires 2 phones. I would love to be able to only carry one, with all my info in one place at the same time. Someone want to explain why we dont get them here?