Stability fixes, as well as Zoe, camera, Beats Audio and location service tweaks in first OTA

After a limited roll-out in some European countries this past week, the update to software version 1.29.401.12 is now live for unlocked HTC One users in the UK. The update includes stability improvements and bug fixes, in addition to tweaks to the location service, HTC Zoe, camera "parameter tuning" and Beats Audio.

Upon first inspection we're not noticing any significant differences between this and the previous 1.28 firmware, but we'll take HTC at its word that it's been busy on improvements throughout the firmware. The update weighs in at a substantial 229MB, suggesting an abundance of new stuff has made its way into the code base.

The firmware is still based on Android 4.1.2, so it looks like the HTC One will have to wait some more for its 4.2 update.

To grab the new firmware on your unlocked UK HTC One, simply head to Settings > About > Software updates and hit the button. As always, carrier-branded devices may have to wait a little longer for their update to start rolling out. Be sure to hit the comments if you've spotted any significant changes in the new firmware.

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DerZwen says:

Might be placebo, but it does feel snappier, and the soft buttons do seem to work far better. Haven't had the time to check the camera yet, audio does still sound the same via headphones at least.

antw081 says:

Good to see HTC putting resources into software updates / improvements for their flagship ONE device.

This will go some way to redeem them in the eyes of detractors who say HTC never support / update their devices.

Yuu Jinn says:

I hope it fixed the "wave effect" on video recording! That issue made me have second thoughts getting this phone.

Valter.VX says:

Not quite sure but i think that now i have a horizontal "scroll" on the home screens bottom showing in "which" home page i'm in.. i don't think it was there before..

Alex Dobie says:

I'm pretty sure that was there before.

Valter.VX says:

hehe.. i think i got more alert when expecting new things.. i never noticed that before! sorry

ian_fin says:

I think they've fixed the weather app so that the widgets display your actual location rather than "My Location", as it seemed like it used to do. Other than that, I've not noticed any differences.

Yuu Jinn says:

And apparently the phone is showing symptoms of the "death grip" as well. How to fix that?

I have the htc One, there's no such thing with it.

Yuu Jinn says:

I really hope it's not true! Or at least involving just some units. But I've seen some videos on Youtube already... :(

jrocm says:

THis video show some definite improvements to camera performance.

I hope the AT&T model gets the update in the near future.

antw081 says:

Wow, thanks for the link! Noticeable improvement.

svinyard says:

This was between 1.27 and 1.29. Nice to see them work on the software, it certainly needed some help, though I suspect it still does. 1.28 is the normal firmware that everyone was using though before 1.29 (for the most part) though right?

Is the UK version the same as the unlocked version for the U.S.?

scottdeto says:

Hmm, I received my HTC One on Monday from Sprint. The Software version under About is showing that I'm running 1.29.651.7

is the 3 dot menu thing fixed ? can the back button be used as menu ? like it was before the launch ? please anyone let me know