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HTC recently added its Clock to the list of apps it's moved into Google Play, and it looks like it's finally available for updating. (It had been floating around in Google Play for a few days but wasn't actually able to be updated for most folks.) Not sure if that's an offshoot of the Android 4.4.3 update the HTC One M8 is receiving, but the app quickly jumped from 5 to 10 downloads to the 5,000 to 1,000 range.

Snag it at the link above. And also be on the lookout for a HTC Service Pack update in Google Play as well.


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HTC offloads its clock app to Google Play, is finally available


This makes as much "sense" as their advertising does, to release an app that doesn't work on any device.

And we wonder why HTC is failing /s

Yup not compatible on my HTC One M8 on TMobile... Downloaded 4 updates to HTC apps last few days fine.. Except this one :-(

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When will they get the damn Zoe app done.. And the clock is incompatible with my M8 so there is that lol.

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Also, "Your device isn't compatible with this version" for the linked clock app. Have HTC One M7 on Sprint.

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All HTC phones have the clock widget. It's been broken off into Google play so they can update it without requiring a system update.

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Guess AC should have been a bit clearer since some of us assumed HTC released the clock app in the Play store for any Android device.

I think it only works on 4.4.3 . My Sprint HTC one received the update for both the clock and keyboard . I think Sprint is the only U.S carrier with 4.4.3

Any chance that a recovering journalist (or someone else) could do some digging and let us know what is in the Service Pack? :)

I have it loaded, and have seen no difference today, but I don't know what sort of things I should look for.

Like the others I was surprised that it was not available for my Nexus... Was thinking that this was about them releasing their previously proprietary application to the world. It looks nice and wanted to try. I'm curious, is it not compatible because they do not want to let non-HTC devices to use it, or is there something different about HTC OS/apps that isn't compatible with my nexus?

Most htc apps require HTC's Sense framework to work and without they won't work properly even if you get the apk and sideload it. Though with the app in the play store they can change this. HTC's clock app is one of the best.

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