Hmm. This sounds like it may work but we haven't tested it out yet.

Since the paid apps problem in Android Dev Phones was only semi-solved with the 1.1 update to Dev Phones, it looks like HTC has delivered a solution that'll allow Dev Phone users to access the paid applications. Over at HTC's website, it shows detailed instructions on how to flash a Factory System Image onto the Dev Phone. We'd imagine that the Factory System Image would allow you to access the paid apps then?

The instructions are located HERE.

If this makes sense to anybody, feel free to educate the rest of us in the comments!

[htc via android authority]


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HTC Offers Solution to Paid Apps in Android Dev Phone ?


Nothing in that other article indicated this was a solution to the copy-protected-apps problem. I think this is simply a case of bad jouralism and somebody writting a sparkly solution to a problem that they did not even understand. I don't see anything at the HTC site that indicated they are turning an unlocked phone into a locked one with a different firmware image. I only see the same image that was released last week that includes paid-app but not copy-protected-app support.

Or did I miss something?