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The HTC One S is probably one of the most under-appreciated devices of the year, so it's nice to see the phone getting a little bit of extra attention as HTC refreshes its Android line-up this fall. Alongside the One X+, the company's debuted the One S Special Edition (or "SE") in its home country of Taiwan. The changes aren't as sweeping as in the One X+, but they're no less striking. The phone gets an ice-white coat of paint, making it more One X-like in appearance, and the internal storage has been bumped up to 64GB -- although it's still non-expandable. Other specs, like the 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 SoC, 1GB of RAM and 8MP ImageSense camera, remain unchanged.

Storage space was one of our main complaints we leveled against the One S when we reviewed it back in April. The international version comes with 16GB of space, and of that only 10GB is available for music and other media.  With 64GB on-board, that suddenly becomes much less of an issue.

Right now we're not seeing any signs of the HTC One S Special Edition outside of Taiwan, but we've asked HTC about any international release plans, and we'll update this post with any info they provide.

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HTC offers up 64GB One S Special Edition in Taiwan


Wow, please come to T*Mobile so I can buy this. The modest memory of the original S was the only thing that made me cautious.

I love my One S. The only thing it is lacking is memory. Otherwise, I wouldn't change a thing. It is quick, beautiful, and very sturdy. I believe HTC finally got their build quality right with the One S and One X.

Love that hardware, storage kept me away from buying it. Bring that to T-Mobile USA and will sell plenty. Sign me up. That would be great looking hardware for the new Nexus phone, sure beats that generic looking phone with lousy specs. I will keep my SGS3 before buying the new Nexus and flash the new software. The Note 2 is the phone of 2012-2013 IMO.

I'd appreciate it...if it was on VZW. No, the Dinc 4G LTE isn't the same. Actually I'd really rather just have a One X.