Lorain Wong

Lorain Wong will take up role as Vice President of Global PR, Corporate and Internal Communications from Taiwan HQ

HTC has named Lorain Wong as its new Vice President of Global PR, Corporate and Internal Communications. Lorain joins HTC from Chinese network services provider Pacnet. Prior to this, Wong had senior roles at Qwest Asia, Global One Asia Pacific and AT&T. She will assume her new role at HTC from the company's Taiwan HQ. HTC says her duties will include "public relations, media and analyst relations, corporate communications and issues management."

Wong replaces former VP of Global Communications Jason Gordon, who was one of several high-profile execs to depart HTC last month.

Source: HTC

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Adamsville says:

Good luck. You gotta tough job ahead of ya, but it needs to be done and done right.

cgardnervt says:

See folks! After all of the OMG moments of some people leaving they replace one of them. I'm sure more are to come as well. May I also note that shes pretty hot? I think so!

ronzkie21 says:

I can see where the One got its looks from.

Exzaybien says:

She's a bit of alright

Jon_Doh says:

Nice! I'd tap that.

carraser891 says:

u definitely have a chance dude

great HTC. lets hope she does her job well and she is not there for just the pay check

mdlissner says:

The first thing she should do as the head of communications is communicate the release date for the Verizon version of the HTC One. If she does that she will be hero.

jimbo says:

Verizon, as do all carriers, determines releases of handsets they decide to offer. You should know that.

Gearu says:

This is a significant specs upgrade over last year.

Lazaretto says:

HTC is still doomed.

marktrott says:

HTC is a good performer in a smartphone market. Let see how it goes with the new VP