The HTC Merge is no mystery to us, we have seen it at the FCC, we have gone hands on a time or two, and well, it's finally made its way to a carrier. The device has landed itself on Alltel for the pricing of $124.99 on new contract, which seems to be quite reasonable for this Android 2.2 device powered by a 800MHz processor. The preorder starts on March 28, so if you are an Alltel customer, be sure to keep your eyes on their site and place the order once available. [Alltel] More in the HTC Merge forums.


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HTC Merge shows up at Alltel, preorders start March 28


What part of multiple carriers this spring means no Verizon?

We're not going to know until they make an announcement. Altell is simply the first to announce it. I've heard rumors that Verizon gets it in May. I've heard rumors they aren't getting it. I've heard rumors that US Cellular is getting. Stop freaking out.

Only thing I like about this phone is the fact that it has a Landscape version of Sense UI which I would love to have on my EVO! . . . If I can use Landscape mode on my phone all day long... I would.

I got sick of waiting for the Merge so I just rooted and downloaded a custom slide-out physical keyboard ROM.

For some reason I really love the aesthetic "look" of this phone. First impressions and previews of the device claim it has one of the best keyboards around. This obviously doesn't hold a candle to my droidx, but I'll bet a lot of people out there looking for a phone with a more function physical keyboard (and not concerned with cutting edge technology) would really dig this phone.

i do hope it gets to verizon though im gonna try and see if i can get it from alltell and just use it on verizon anyway. also most 4G networks really wont be at running full on for at least another year i believe so i would get this phone now and then wait and see if anything else exciting comes out. i NEED a physical keyboard and am dying to get my hands on a Android device with a good one, Droid 2 is crap and pro is just as small as a BB which i hate.

I know I beat this phone up a little before, but I still love the layout and that it's not a Moto. The price really makes it attractive again- even if the hardware is not quite what I'd hope for. If Verizon offers it at this price point, I would still give it a fair look. As with so many others, I have no 4g in my area for at least another year- so this phone could fill the gap nicely....If big red ever gets it on the shelf.

Why is that practically only on this site that the writers are big about this phone? It doesn't seem that much special but it's talked about on here like it's the Evo 3D. Am I missing something??