HTC Merge on Cellcom Wisconsin

Yeah, yeah. It's the HTC Merge. You've seen it before. But this is the phone that just keeps growing, folks. It found new life on regional carriers such as Alltel, Cellular South and US Cellular after Verizon cast it aside, and now it's got a new home -- Cellcom of Wisconsin. It appears to be the same version that we recently (and less unofficially this timereviewed -- as in no Bing on board.

Cellcom's HTC Merge is going for $150 with a two-year contract, or $379 outright, which isn't too shabby, either.

Source: Cellcom; Thanks, gmonkey88!


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HTC Merge released on another carrier not named Verizon


this stuff happens all the time. Deals fall apart between manufacturers and carriers. Sort of like the samsung gem situation. if you go to a corporate store you wont find the gem. but verizon decided not to drop it completely and they let indirect retail store carry them.

Don't understand why verizon has it in their equipment guide and adds on their site? But no merge....

It's because, in theory, one can buy one from a indirect (non corporately owned) store, a'la Samsung Gem.

However, finding one is like a needle in a haystack. Some reported their indirect stores offering to order it, seeing it in their system, but having no way to order it.

Still others, myself included, were hoping that Best Buy would pull through and carry it. The internal VZW screen that was leaked mentioned Best Buy as a potential source as it's a indirect location, and the ad (which wasn't leaked but was/is real and available on and in store) said they'd carry it.

After weeks of no sighting online, our worst fears were confirmed: Best Buy Mobile said the inclusion of merge in the ad was a mistake and they had no plans to carry the device.

This launch was bungled so badly. Sooo so badly. Frustrating because at it's announcement in like October, it was a pretty solid device, but now...I've decided it's not worth pursuing as it's now kinda dated. Factor in near nonexistant community support (custom rom's, rooting, etc.) and it's another nail in the coffin.

A shame because the keyboard is brilliant.

Verizon's so stupid. They have to know there's a large contingent of people who are with Sprint JUST for the Evo Shift (I'm soon to be one of them). Why would they NOT release this phone and potentially keep some of their customers?

thats because horizontal slider qwerty phones are the red headed step children of smartphones, neglected & under appreciated. Plus with their line of motorola droid sliders (d1, 2 & 3) there really was no room in there line up for another one.

Yes, Maybe this phone had some nice specs or features at the time of announcement, but as I said sliders are poorly viewed by carriers, and we all know that Verizon doesn't have the best selection when it comes to Android.

thats true, I have noticed an extreme lean toward candy bars with all the providers. Pisses me off. We probably have the stupid iPhone to thank for that too.

Verizon was just going to BING-ify the poor thing anyway.Let it go.The Merge has gone to a better place(s).At least those Carriers will let it be the way GOD,Google & HTC meant it to be.

Has there been an extensive comparison of the Merge's keyboard vs. the other available offerings? I still say the KB looks nice, but alas I have since grown accustomed to "typing" on a screen.