HTC Merge

The HTC Merge (check out our hands-on) has popped up in Best Buy's system, hopefully a sign that we will see a release soon. Even though a recent rumor has suggested the device is being delayed in order to implement LTE, Verizon could be trying to push a launch soon. As you can see from the picture, the system highlights a variety of HTC devices attached to Verizon; the Merge sits comfortably next to the Incredible. 

Hopefully we'll find out if we'll be seeing the Merge before Christmas we that we can get our hands on all of that goodness. Submitted via the Android Central App


Reader comments

HTC Merge pops up in Best Buy's internal system


Id love to get my hands on that binged out, 800mhz, htc sense *retching*, slider* blaraagagvxgavsv* htc phone (sorry but i hate htc,moto 4 life)

I love htc cuz they allow their phones to be"personalized" hacked and sense is soo much smoother and less buggy than blur, also sense can be turned off for a stock experience. Blur is gross. I love my droid x but I also love my evo. Htc makes a great device

Someone like the above post.... why would you have 2 phones... and epic ones like the droid x and evo? I'm not hating... Whatever the reason what a sweet deal. Just curious how...?