HTC Merge

Not long ago we caught wind of the HTC Merge heading to Alltel, and being available soon for pre-order, and that time has come. The HTC Merge is available today for pre-order, with a still unknown ship date. The device will still ship at the $124.99 price point that it was listed at previously, and that is quite a fair price for all that we have seen the device can do. [Alltel] More in the HTC Merge Forums.


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HTC Merge now available for pre-order on Alltel


Does anyone know if you can get this device with discounts while on a Verizon account? Or do you have to buy the device outright?

As far as I know it has CDMA that can be used on VZW right?

Going to pre order it today as soon as I get off. Can't wait! Thank you Alltel for finally getting a good phone.

That is obviously wrong because the talk time is 330 minutes. You think maybe they meant days.