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HTC Merge

Have a hankering for the HTC Merge? (We know you do.) And having a hankering for it on Celluar South? The little Android slider most of you will never get to have has hit the regional carrier. It's running $99 with a two-year contract. Sure, it's not the latest and greatest. But the 3.8-inch display is nicely done, and the keyboard is killer. That and you can show it to all your friends on Verizon and watch them slowly slink away, head bowed in disappointment. And who can put a price on that?

Source: Cellular South, Facebook; Thanks, Robin!


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HTC Merge now available on Cellular South


This was suppose to be my Droid Eris' successor but that all changed and I have a Thunderbolt now. Wish I could have tried it out but the carriers aren't in my area.

Actually, they do have good service. Not sure where this person was with the phone, but I've roamed on CS several times while in Mississippi, and their network is solid, even in rural areas.

I'm not sure about the numbers now, but they were the dominant carrier in the state for a long time, probably because of their coverage. For quite a while, they focused more on voice services and sort of neglected data, but they did a big 3G rollout a few years ago, and they've started offering more smartphones lately. I've been hoping they'd expand to more parts of Alabama (they only serve Mobile and the coastal areas now), but they did get some regional licenses in the AWS auction, and they bought Corr Wireless, which, among other places, serves Huntsville, a couple of years ago, so they may eventually expand their footprint. And I don't think they're interested in selling out to a national carrier, since they could have easily sold themselves to VZW when that company had almost no native coverage in Mississippi, but they apparently chose not to.

They may have *HAD* decent service at one time.... Not so much now. Bad service period.... Customer or otherwise.

If it's anything like my EVO Shift the processor in this can be overclocked to 1.8GHZ stable and can get 3500+ in quadrant if benchmarks matter to you.. Don't let the specs fool you ;)

I'm hoping the Merge body will come back in another 4G incarnation on Verizon. I was so looking forward to this phone but at this point they might as well upgrade everything that is in it to bring it "up to date".

Ok i was offered MERGE yesterday at local verizon store. I was told that noo one else in verizon is offering phone. I suppect that its a us cellular phone since it supposedly works on verizon network. Can anyone verify that merge will work on verizon?

Well, it's CDMA, so, yes, it will work. The bigger question is whether VZW would activate it. You might have better luck activating it on Page Plus, since they seem to be more liberal about what devices they'll allow you to use.

I've been fighting with myself whether or not to get this, but I think I'm gonna go ahead and do it. I plan on making a trip up to Canada in the next year or so, and I'll need a World phone for that.

Besides that, I really want the phone.

Looks like I'll be adding a third line soon.