We've already gone hands on with the HTC Merge in the past and have seen plenty of videos of the device appear online. Now, we have the HTC Merge appearing in those fancy data transferring machines also known as Cellbrite. We've been told by HTC that the rumored Nov. 18 launch date isn't true, at least as far as that Seattle "Cabaret" event is concerned. Feel free to share your thoughts on the launch date in the forums. [AndroidGuys]


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HTC Merge now appearing in Cellbrite machines


WTF is Cellbrite?

Why do you presume all your readers work in the cell phone sales industry?

Referential opacity is not what we come to AC for.

http://www.androidcentral.com/search/cellebrite It's been posted about before. In fact, if you're a CDMA user searching for new phones it's one of the first "coming soon" proofs that are out there that EVERY major tech site reports on. I'm pretty sure they presume their readers read their articles, and, like most people, know how to look up words they don't understand. Seriously.. do you expect them to define android every post they mention it because they shouldn't 'presume' that their readers understand such technical terms?

This shouldn't be a freaking guessing game... The phone is not yet announced. Well that sucks, but it won't do any good to ponder as to when it will be. So, users at Android Central...Let us continue to beat the dead horse! Argh!

The Best Buy "internal system" that the Merge popped up on earlier is basically a Cellebrite system with a Best Buy skin.