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The Android Central forums are buzzing today with rumored devices, LTE talk and some great contests. Also, a lot of users are questioning what's ahead for Android as we roll into 2011 and the upcoming CES. Be sure to check out the forums today and share your thoughts.

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HTC Merge delayed for LTE, Motorola Dogz and Contests [from the forums]


Isn't LTE going to be run with a SIM card? And doesn't the Merge have a slot for a SIM? If so... why would they delay? Maybe it's delayed for Gingerbread!

While LTE does run with a SIM card, its a completely different radio chip for LTE than for GSM/3G.

Thats awesome if it will come with LTE, hopefully they will bump the specs up a smidge while they are at it.

ah, okay. thanks for clearing that up. I hope they do give it LTE too! It'll be between the Merge and the rumored EVO HD for me then! I prefer to not have a slide out keyboard, but I do like the world phone capabilities... so if they both have LTE and good specs... its gonna be a tough decision!

I doubt it. The hardware looked so close to a finished version. Plus they will have to re-submit to FCC for approval if they change the radio. Knowing HTC, they probably have another version with similar hardware but with LTE radio. No way they will cancel the launch of the Merge in its current form.

I for one hope that JohnB101 is correct. All of the signs (accessories, finished phone seen in the "wild", reviews from CTIA) point to a release very soon.

My BB 8830 is on it's last legs and I need to jump this month. Yeah, I know, who keeps a phone for three years. Well, I do.