HTC Merge benchmarks

The HTC Merge we took for a spin sports an ARM7 processor at 800MHz. Go ahead, start typing your comment about how it's "only" 800MHz. We'll wait. Now look up at the Quadrant score above. Hit delete. It's OK. In our brief time with the Merge, it seemed speedy enough.

Of course, we ran a few benchmark tests: Linpack, Quadrant and the oldie but goody, fps2D (just because). Check out the full results after the break.

HTC Merge benchmark

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HTC Merge benchmarks


can you post your data speeds using speedtest on here? I wanna see what kind of speeds you are pulling on HSPA+

Nope. Just means it scored higher. "Better" encompasses a lot more that benchmark speed, and you'll have to try them both for yourself to see which one is better for you.

CPU speed and GPU benches are not any better than the Snapdragons... if not worse.

The only thing is the I/O speed... I swear NOBODY knows what that is... I've looked it up quite a bit and I think it has to do with SD card usage and whatnot, but meh.

I/O speed would just be the input output speed. or the time it takes to read from and write to files. I'm not sure exactly how the benchmarks work but they would either write to /data on the phone or on to the sdcard (/mnt/sdcard on froyo).

Damn... I remember when I used to be more excited about Android Leaks... now its just more of the same... that extra speed is not going to translate into anything... We need more features. Where's Gingerbread?

Well in theory a more "powerful" or faster phone can handle more powerful features. I mean, a lot of these phones probably have Gingerbread in mind at some point. But either way I'll take the fastest phone they wanna throw at me. If I'm paying this much a month I might as well get the fastest one out there. I don't need a Moto Devourer thank you.

I will admit still not an android user but will be soon and I think this phone is definitely one of the ones I am looking to get despite all the bing stuff. Anyways I've been doing some research and I see how this version of the processor can be faster than the 1ghz phones. I've read that gingerbread won't be on phones that are less than 1ghz speeds, will that still be the case with the merge even though it is as fast?

Really? Your first foray into Android would be THIS phone?

This is a pretty specialized phone, you know. Unless you travel internationally there is no earthly reason you need this phone.

You keep reiterating this point in all news articles about Sprint or Verizon phones, and it's kind of unnecessary. We get it, not being able to use a 3G CDMA data connection while on a call is a drawback, but anyone that's considering a move to Sprint or Verizon and has done their research should be well aware of that.

I switched over from AT&T to Sprint in June and frankly I haven't been hampered too much by this, WiFi and 4G still work just fine while you're on a call y'know. Obviously not everyone's needs are the same and this might very well be a dealbreaker for others, but I think people who're picking a carrier first (rather than a phone) generally put plan prices and coverage before anything else.

As long as this phone isn't priced any higher than $250 I can see a lot of people preferring it over he mildly underwhelming Droid 2, I think it's great that Verizon's actually willing to have two competing landscape sliders on their lineup from two different brands... More choice is always a good thing. It might even be three before long (e.g. Droid Pro).

I think we will be seeing more of these middle range (800 mhz) devices as developers balance performance with battery life.

I do have a question and maybe some could help... what exactly do these tests measure/prove?

This is middle range because it is 800 mhz? What people need to understand is that this 800 mhz processor is the next generation of the snapdragon chip. It is a smaller die size and is more efficient. What this means is the processor running at 800 mhz uses less power and is faster than the 1 ghz snapdragon. It is like going from a 3.0 ghz Intel core 2 Quad to a 2.66 ghz Intel core i7. The newer lower clocked revision is much faster clock for clock than the older one it replaces.

Your right and I have heard this a lot lately but the OMAPs and Humminbirds also use the better 45nm processor as well and are clocked at 1 ghz with fast GPUs. Moto and Verizon are going to be releasing 1.2 here in the next month or two. These are mid range Qualcomm phones and yes you will see better than the 1 Ghz in the N1, Inc, and EVO, but not better than the Droid 2, X, and Galaxy S phones they are simply playing catch up I dont see why this is so hard to understand this processor isn't the start of the next gen processor just catching up to what is available from other companies.

Probably not to high as the current gen snapdragons can only see a 1-2 ghz increase over the past year. I love snapdragon and what HTC is doing (owner of Incredible) with hardware/software I am waiting for the EVO looking phone that we caught a glimpse of a couple of weeks ago I am sure that it will have this new processor, new GPU, new Sense, and will more than likely be atleast 1Ghz to boot. This is a great looking phone, but Bing killed it I am waiting for the next HTC Droid for sure until then the Inc has been the second best phone I have ever owned (the first being the Nexus One).

Sorry dude but you couldn't be more wrong. What you need to understand is that the new chip is architecturally the same as the snapdragon just smaller nanometer manufacturing process. This does not make a chip faster, it just typically makes it run cooler and use less power. With desktop processors you typically see a lower nanometer process mean higher clock speeds which results in better performance. Unfortunately your analogy between the Core 2 and Core i7 is bullsh*t. The reason why the phone performs well on benchmarks is due to the much faster flash memory the file system is stored on and the graphics processor that accompanies the CPU. Would all the idiots who pretend to know what their talking about just STFU already. This 800 MHz processor is slower than the 1GHz Snapdragon processor when just comparing the CPU. But for most people I don't think it's a big deal.

They measure a number of things. CPU computations graphics memory but they don't prove anything. The best device for you might not be the fastest or have the best screen on it. I have a droid 1 and I'm more than happy. All of the people switching phones every other month doesn't make sense. There is always going to be a faster phone right around the corner. Just get a phone your happy with.

Ahmen to that bro... i'm a new Android user from a Blackberry user and wow i honestly don't know what took me so long to switch - i finally see the light now lol

I currently have the T-Mobile G2 and damn.... it's the best phone i've ever had... I've already played around with a Vibrant, iPhone 4, Evo 4 and Droid X - none of them impressed me as much as the G2

I agree with that. One thing that I am happy about have my Droid Incredible is that it's future proof. It is always fascinating (no pun intended!) to read up on the latest and greatest Android hardware. "This has an Ultra AMOLED double coated glow-in-the-dark screen!" Or it's processor is 3 GHZ. If you have a great phone that does everything it did that wowed you when you got it, why fawn all over every new one? Now it's true, to each his/her own. But I notice, especially in our great Android community, there are people that already have a great Android phone, like a Droid Incredible, or a Samsung Galaxy S, and all they think about is the next flavor of the month. I will stay with my Droid Incredible until it either blows up or Verizon and HTC stops supporting it. And that even after my upgrade kicks in January 2012. But it is about choice.

So Phil:

Can that phone use GSM at the same time as CDMA? When you are on a call with no wifi around, can you surf the net (by using the GSM connection)?

The question that since this is less than a 1 gHz processor and supporting Gingerbread was not answered. Will Gingerbread be able to run on this?

Is there any benchmark data from the Droid 2 Pro/World Edition? Wonder how the 800 Mhz Snapdragon compares to the 1.2 Ghz processor in the Pro?

A battery life comparison would also be really interesting.

I would assume the Droid 2 Pro/World Edition has the same 1.2 GHz processor as the R2D2 edition. So just look at its results.

I noticed in the hallway and stairs part in Quadrant that its keeping a low FPS compared to my Droid X (15-25 vs 30-60) but on the planets spinning its getting 57! My droid x gets 9 or 10 and it still looks smooth. Seems kinda pointless to have it get that high for such a low graphically demanding scene

For a CPU thats "sooo" nextgen, that quadrant score is pretty low, my Rooted, lag-fixed, galaxy S hits 2196 in Quadrant.